Putin threatens Ukraine with ‘firm response’ after bombing of Kyiv


President of Russia, Vladimir Putinthreatened Ukraine with a “firm response” to the “terrorist attack” he accused of Kyiv, the last of which Kerch Bridge partially blown up Saturday. “If attempts to carry out terrorist attacks on our territory continue, the responses will be firm and, because of their scale, they will be commensurate with the level of threat,” he told a Security Council meeting in Moscow.

But the Kremlin’s response to what happened Saturday didn’t wait until the council meeting: bombed Kyiv, especially in civil spaces. Eight people were killed and 24 were injured. In the early morning and morning, Zaporozhye-14 died or Lviv also had nightmarish hours.

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Symbolically, the explosion on the bridge is A direct blow to Russian national pride New humiliation for the aggressors; setbacks in Russia supplying its personnel in practice – this is the main way – and Moscow’s partial physical disconnection from Crimea following its annexation in 2018.

Putin reacted unabashedly in desperation: his forces destroyed a bridge in Kyiv, a small bridge, pedestrian and useless if they were to rout the enemy without preventing the proliferation of runners or cyclists. Bombs have landed in the capital in broad daylight on Monday, on places like this pedestrian bridge in a popular forest space overlooking the Dnieper.

A body lay on the ground after the Kyiv bombing on Monday.

Valentin Ogilenko


A few meters from Zelensky

Three waves of cruise missiles hit Kyiv between 8:00 and 10:00. Some hit military targets, very few.Square commemorating mass demonstrations against fraudulent pro-Russian elections in 2014, not a military target Viktor Yanukovych. The central area of ​​Pechersk (the window of the presidential office was blown up) was not a military target either. Vladimir Zelensky and senior government officials.

The impact of at least two missiles was less than a kilometer away, details Kyiv post, Zelensky has gone outdoors to his people (“Do not leave the sanctuary; let us persevere and be strong”) and the world (“They are trying to destroy us and take us off the face of the earth”). The battle for communications has been won for a long time.

The bomb also fell on the posh Golden Gate area adjacent to the National Academy of Sciences. The Kyiv Philharmonic building and two state museums were also damaged. One photo of the day was of a massive crater just metres from a lucky empty playground, and it all happened.

The crater next to a playground in Kyiv after the Russian bombing on Monday.

The crater next to a playground in Kyiv after the Russian bombing on Monday.

Valentin Ogilenko


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