Putin sparks mass flight in Russia: all outbound flights are sold out


Russians try to flee country after Vladimir Putin announcement Partial mobilization of about 300,000 reservists Strengthen its military activities in the Donbass. The Russian president’s statement this morning has sparked fears among young people that they may be forced to go to the front lines before any legislation banning them from leaving the country is passed. They have already started buying air tickets.

Flight from Moscow to Russian capital minutes after Vladimir Putin’s televised speech Georgia, Turkey and ArmeniaCountries where Russian citizens do not need visas are sold out, according to the Russian travel planning page aviasales.ru Reuters.

Yet as citizens are looking for an escape route that will take them out of a war that could involve an ever-increasing number of people, fate seems to be the least of the matter. 12:00 Departure from Moscow, also no direct flight Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan on the same webpage.

[Vladimir Putin moviliza a 300.000 reservistas: “Utilizaremos todos los medios y no es un bluf”]

Some stopover routes, including from Moscow to Tbilisi, are also unavailable, while the cheapest flight from the Russian capital to Dubai costs more than 300,000 rubles. ($5,000)about five times the average monthly salary.

A quick search on the Skyscanner flight search engine for October, November or any date in any year from Moscow to any destination also returns no results, so it is also possible that the flight has been frozen. government.

Search for flights from Moscow.

Google Trends, Google’s tool to find out the impact of searches made on its platform over time, Exposing massive flight search to leave Russia. Searches come hours after Kremlin President Vladimir Putin’s announcement “How to leave Russia” or “leave the army” has risen significantly.

Partial mobilization

The Russian president addressed citizens in an official appearance on Wednesday, announcing reinforcements of Russian troops in Ukraine, a partial mobilization that will affect his 300,000 people Reservists.

[Avalancha de ciudadanos rusos buscan en Google cómo abandonar el país ante los mensajes de Putin]

The Russian president announced that part of the mobilization will begin on Wednesday after he signed a decree allowing the operation and will Legal status of all volunteers fighting in the DonbassPutin insisted that this was a “partial mobilization” that would only affect the reserve army, “not a full mobilization” and that all involved would receive additional training.

In his first televised speech since the war broke out on February 24, Putin stressed his goal was to defend Russian territory and “Liberate the Donbass” And accused the West, which, in his words, was trying to “destroy the country” and “nuclear blackmail” Russia.

[La UE ve “desesperación” en el anuncio de Putin y apoyará a Ucrania pese a su amenaza nuclear]

“The West’s aggression against Russia has gone too far and is bent on nuclear blackmailing us. I say to the West: we have a lot of weapons to respond, more modern than NATO’s, and we will use all of them if Russia’s security is threatened.” the meaning of the problem. We will use all means, I repeat, all means, this is not bluff‘, he threatened.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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