Putin sacks logistics chief after Russia’s latest defeat on Ukrainian soil


Deputy Minister of Logistics of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Army General Dimitri Bulgakov, has been removed from office In his place was Admiral Mikhail Mizantsev, who was in charge of the Russian offensive against the Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

The Defense Ministry reports that Bulgakov “Transfer to another post,” Russian news agency TASS reported.According to the agency’s presentation on its website, Bulgakov has been one of 11 deputy ministers of the Ministry of Defense so far.

Mitsutsev, born in 1962, until now Command the National Defense Control Center, He has held this position since December 2014. Bulgakov has held the position since 2010.

[Putin eleva la presión en Ucrania y la UE alerta de que es “el momento más peligroso” de la guerra]

Admiral Mittsev was lauded for Russia’s ferocious attack on Mariupol, which was occupied in May after weeks of resistance by Ukrainian troops and militias.The Russian military command has Object of criticism in recent days after forced withdrawal The Kharkiv region in northeastern Ukraine was countered by Ukrainians.

Partial mobilization Putin sharply escalates Ukraine conflict Russia is facing a Ukrainian counteroffensive, forcing its troops to withdraw and hand over parts of the occupied territories.

“Obviously this is something we have to take very seriously because, you know, we have no control. I’m not sure if he can, really. It’s obviously an escalation,” he assured sky news British Foreign Secretary, Gillian Keegan.

Adviser to the President of Ukraine, Mihailo Podoljakhas admitted Reuters Russia’s mobilization was a “foreseeable step” that would prove highly unpopular, and it showed that the war was not going according to Moscow’s plan.

direct replacement

Mikhail Mizintsev, 60, has held several senior positions in the General Staff during his long military career.As we all know, he is West sanctioned his role in Mariupol siegea port city in southeastern Ukraine that was captured by Russian troops in May.

Changes in the General Staff come after the Russian president’s announcement Vladimir Putin this week’s Mobilize hundreds of thousands of Russians to step up offensive against Ukraine.

Part of the mobilization will require Assemble 300,000 reservists And it will work for those with previous military experience.



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