Putin ramps up pressure on Ukraine, EU warns war is ‘most dangerous moment’


EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Joseph Borrellguaranteed after seven months ukraine war “We are living in the most dangerous moment”.

In Borrell’s view, the EU must take Vladimir Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons seriously. “This is a dangerous time because the Russian army is cornered Putin’s reaction to his threat to use nuclear weapons was very bad,” European foreign affairs chief assured journalist Lyse Doucet in an interview BBC.

These statements by Borrell were ordered by Putin Partial mobilization of 300,000 reservists and his attempts annexed four regions of Ukraine Pass an emergency referendum without legal protection or international recognition.

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Consultations starting Friday will take place in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and pro-Russian Zaporozhye regions. They will run until Tuesday next week.

Meanwhile, the White House revealed on Saturday that it has Evidence suggests Russia rigged referendum And it has already decided the outcome of the vote.

A White House spokesman elaborated on this, Carine Jean Pierrewho assured that the U.S. knew that Russian officials had determined that the referendum was approved by more than 75 percent.

“We know these referendums will be rigged. We have information that Russian officials have set targets for turnout and poll approval,” Jean-Pierre told a news conference.

“(Russia) has set the required number of voter turnout and support for annexation of Russia will exceed 75%”added.

The spokesman reiterated that the US “will never” admit the results of “sham referendums” and insisted “they are not reliable”.

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Asked about the possibility that Washington would be drawn into a dangerous situation if Ukraine used U.S. weapons on territory annexed by Russia after consultations, Jean-Pierre argued that the responsibility for the war rested entirely with Russia.

negotiated settlement

Instead, the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs and security policy argued that a “diplomatic solution” to Ukraine’s war was necessary to preserve the country’s “sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

Borrell stressed in an interview with the BBC, Conflict resolution must go through the negotiating table“Otherwise, we can end the war, but we will not have peace because we will have another war,” he said.

The diplomat added that the EU must continue to support the Ukrainian military and impose sanctions on Russia, while underscoring his concerns about increased energy costs from the war. “People in my country tell me that the price of petrol means they can’t keep workingthey cannot continue to operate their businesses,” the Spanish politician said.

He went on to advocate calling on Putin to play a role in pushing for a negotiated solution: “To dance the tango, you need two,” he said.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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