Putin is “desperate” because he “has no weapons and no allies,” according to British intelligence

Russian President Vladimir Putin is “Desperate” because Russia “has no weapons, no troops, and no allies”. This is an analysis of British intelligence, transmitted this Tuesday by its manager Jeremy Fleming. The protracted conflict with Ukraine is weakening Russia’s military machine, although it remains “very capable”.

Fleming’s statement appears A day after Putin ordered massive attacks on several Ukrainian citiesincluding the capital Kyiv, which has not witnessed such violence since June last year.

According to the Ukrainian army, the Yu-83 explosions of Russian missiles have landed in places such as Kyiv, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv and Kremenchuk.The biggest airstrike since the war is over at least 19 dead, about 64 injured. The country’s emergency services continue to operate in the affected areas, so the full extent of the damage remains unknown.

Monday’s attack, as Putin’s response to the bombing of the Crimea bridge, showed that Russia remains “very capable” of causing damage. “Russian military machine Can throw weapons, well stocked and experienced very common in Ukraine”.

However, despite the scope of the attack and the show of force, Fleming pointed to weaknesses facing the Russian military. “I think Russia He’s out of ammo and his friends are running out We saw from the mobilization manifesto that it was under-strength,” he assured.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4, Fleming pointed out with conviction that Russia’s situation in the Ukraine war was far from what Putin had hoped. “We know, and so do Russian commanders on the ground, that they are running out of supplies and ammunition. The word I use is desperate. We can see this desperation at many levels in Russian society and the Russian military machine. “

division of labor among the military

Hours before the intelligence chief’s statement, the British Ministry of Defence believed the appointment of the general was Sergey Surovkin As the commander of the joint forces conducting “special military operations” in Ukraine, he created a certain division in the armed forces.

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Surovkin’s appointment This may reflect efforts by the Russian national security community to improve operational execution.However, you may have to The increasingly irascible Russian Defense Ministry It has few resources to achieve the political goals it has set for itself in Ukraine,” the ministry’s report reads.

Surovikin is known for his terrorist activities in Aleppo during the Syrian civil war. Along with the sacked Alexander Dvornikov, he was one of the most important men in successive bombings of Syria’s second most populous city and the refuge for most of Bashar al-Assad’s regime’s enemies. The explosions killed hundreds of civilians, including children, and ended a two-year brutality that included the continued use of chemical weapons.

Fears that their methods will be implemented in Ukraine and the growing threat Putin uses nuclear weapons Increased tension on and off the battlefield.

Fleming warned that “any discussion of nuclear weapons is very dangerous and you have to talk about it very carefully”, stressing that Britain would like to see “signs” that it is preparing for a nuclear attack before it happens. “If the road starts to be drawn, I hope we will see indicators. But let’s be very clear, if they are considering, it will be a disaster“,settle down.

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