Putin hides a clause of the mobilization decree that would allow a million Russians to be summoned


fate 300,000 Russian reservists Wednesday’s call for military experience fighting in Ukraine was written before Vladimir Putin announced on tv Address the nation in unprecedented and unexpected ways.This is what the Russian president has signed decree Ordered a “partial military mobilization” in Russia. Open, fuzzy text for an unspecified end date for a metric.no picture citizen call.

The document appears to list terms for recruits at ten service can be skipped (such as being over the maximum age or being in poor physical condition) and talking about the pay of the armed forces. Three pages are full of generalizations, of which the seventh catches the eye. for official use“Read the article.

This is an apparently classified clause that may allow mobilization one million people Instead of the 300,000 that Putin announced.This is what independent Russian newspapers insist Euronewsinheriting the famous and key titles new paper The Supreme Court of Russia just closed a few days ago.

[Estos son los 300.000 reservistas que Putin envía a la guerra: menores de 35 años y bajo pena de prisión]

Citing confidential sources in the presidential palace, the paper assured that the secret clause would confirm the worst fears of the Russian people: “Partial mobilization“It was originally unpopular, but it was actually one”general mobilization“Population.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Perskov was forced to deny the news, which he called a “lie”. However, it did not disclose the content of Article 7 of the Act. “This is something I can’t talk about,” he added in a statement to RIA Novosti Ita-Tass.

Russian police detain a man during unauthorised demonstrations in Moscow


He explained that the Kremlin insists that the 300,000 reservists to be sent to the battlefield “will not all be called up at once,” meaning recruits will be trained and sent to the battlefield in batches.

protesters quote

Apparently, the first of them started this Thursday.only 24 hours after Putin’s announcement, thousands of reservists from different regions of Russia received official summons to join the military. Those who have not tried, cannot or do not want to escape have said goodbye to their families and are already on their way to the front lines.

[Putin provoca una huida masiva en Rusia: agotados todos los vuelos para salir del país]

The night before, hundreds of Russians crowded border The country is trying to evade military service.within hours Tickets are sold out Leaving Russia, in different parts of Russia, thousands of citizens took to the streets to protest and mobilize. some demonstrations It ended up with nearly 1,300 detainees in more than 40 cities.

According to the NGO OVD-Info, some of these protesters were summoned by police to enlist while in custody.Under Russian law, the law condemns long term imprisonment For those who evade the call, the authorities have the power to arrest those suspected of evading mobilization.

In this regard, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said only “it’s not illegal“, collection agency Reuters. Similarly, human rights groups have warned also called to reporters.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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