Putin grants ex-CIA member Edward Snowden Russian citizenship


President of Russia, Vladimir Putingranted Russian citizenship to former CIA analyst on Monday Edward Snowdenaccording to the decree published on the Public Administration Law Information Portal.

Snowden, 39, Russia exist 2013is one of the foreigners who received a Russian passport today on the basis of the decision of the Russian president.

Presidential decree states that citizenship is granted to persons born on June 21, 1983 state joined.

Putin made a decision According to Article 89 point A The Russian constitution states that the head of state can grant citizenship and political asylum.

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Snowden, who applied for citizenship on November 2, 2020, has not commented on Russia’s military operations in Ukraine that began last February.

his lawyer Anatoly Cucerenalawyer Snowdendenied that his client could be called within the framework of a partial mobilization decree issued by Putin last week.

“Because Edward was not there army Russianhe has no military practice and experience, he cannot mobilize,” he told Interfax.

The new Russian citizen received a permanent residence permit in October 2020 and gave birth to his first child with his wife, Lindsay MillsDecember of that year.

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According to Russian law, a child automatically acquires Russian citizenship by being born in Russia.

former CIA analyst get away come from America He has been persecuted by the U.S. justice department after revealing details of the U.S. espionage program in 2013, accusing him of violating espionage laws.

He sought asylum in Russia and was joined the following year by Lindsay, who married in 2017.

In addition to writing books, Snowden advises and provides global videoconferencing on information technology and its risks and threats.



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