Putin cornered inside and outside Ukraine, imitating Stalin’s taxation and Hitler’s referendum


Vladimir Putin continues his fly forward. nor serious loss on the battlefield, or critics Within his government, neither estranged from partners – China, India and Turkey – have succeeded in getting the Russian president to relinquish the goal of control, at least, Northeastern Ukraine.

Far from a public admission”special operationWhat started on February 24 in the neighboring country was not as expected, and Putin attacked with all his strength. He flashed the letter again nuclear blackmail to the west and declare escalation of war.

His strategy on the ground against Ukrainian troops (and the weapons the West keeps sending) is based on perform two actions EU and US consider it clear signs of weakness.

[La UE ve “desesperación” en el anuncio de Putin y apoyará a Ucrania pese a su amenaza nuclear]

“Public opinion polls”

The first was a referendum on the annexation of Russia in the Donbas region (Luhansk and Donetsk) and Zaporozhye and Kherson in the days to come. Some consultations that the international community has declared “non-recognition” may not even be representative.

It is the propaganda media in the service of the Kremlin that has published some “results”polls“In the occupied areas of Ukraine. Certainly, some data are very much in line with Moscow’s wishes, and it is foreseeable that if consultations are held, the end result will be similar.

These referendums, which leaders as Emmanuel Macron Described as a “farce”, they gave Putin the tools to legitimize his power in invaded territories.Strategy of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense compare without hesitation on his Twitter account linked to the Nazi referendum Austria ties.

That is, query German dictator Adolf Hitler On April 10, 1938, he justified his invasion of Austria and turned the country into a province of the Third Reich.According to the record, the result gives 99.7% support In favor of annexation of Germany.

However, this was not the only referendum Hitler. During his tenure, he held a total of four consultations.Exactly Putin now wants to do the same on Ukraine’s occupied peninsula Crimea in 2014.

A protester displayed a banner of Putin dressed as Hitler in Warsaw on Tuesday.


Two years ago, in 1936the dictator has asked the Germans if they agree The military occupation of the Rhineland resulted in a clear “yes” victory. Previously, in 1933I know The first referendum was held on the country’s withdrawal from the League of Nations.Another followed in August 1934 Prime Minister and Presidency merged This later gave Hitler and the Nazi Party control of all state power.

“Partial mobilization”

Once territories in eastern Ukraine were annexed by Russia, the Kremlin’s second move became apparent: to defend those territories.But for that he needs troops to make up for it a morally and physically sunk army After the defeat of the counter-offensive against Ukraine.

This is Putin’s next move.On Wednesday, the Russian president announced in a televised address that he would be sent to the front 300,000 reservists Russians. Of the country’s 2 million people, those with the most military experience will leave.

[Más de 1.000 detenidos en Rusia en las protestas contra la movilización anunciada por Putin]

This localized mobilization has sparked demonstrations across the country and caused hundreds of citizens to flee, the first time Russia has called for it since World War II.

That time, in May 1941, Joseph Stalin called up 800,000 reservists to complete the first Red Army. he did it preventively because he feared aggression by germany who spent weeks amassing soldiers on the soviet border and would eventually unleash what is known what Operation BarbarossaHitler’s great (but unsuccessful) offensive of trying to invade the Soviet Union.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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