Putin congratulates European ally Orban on victory, hopes for ‘partnership’ together


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President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, This Monday congratulates the head of the Hungarian government, the ultra-nationalist Victor OrbanThis Moscow’s only ally in the EUfor his Victory in the Hungarian legislative elections.

Putin told Orban via telegram, “Despite the complex international situation, the development Bilateral relations respond adequately to the interests of Russia and Hungary” and Hope to build a “partnership” together.

Orban declared himself the winner of this Sunday’s legislative election, in which he won the Fourth term in a row with broad advantage, And took the opportunity to attack Brussels, which has criticized his position on Russia’s Ukraine dispute.

the war benefited him

According to analysts, Armed conflict in Ukraine benefits Orban, In turbulent times, it has shown voters that it is a guarantor of stability.

Orban, 58, has ruled Hungary with an absolute majority for the past 12 years, which has allowed him to single-handedly ratify new Magna Carta and constitutional amendments. undermined the separation of powersaccording to criticism from the opposition and the EU.

against LGBT rights

Prime Minister, a Strong criticism of immigration, LGBT rights and the “EU bureaucracy”, which has won the admiration of nationalists and the European far right.

Orban introduces himself as Guarantee of national stability He accused the opposition of wanting to draw Hungary into the Ukraine war by showing solidarity with Hungarian President Volodímir Zelenski.

Despite his alignment with Russian President Vladimir Putin, with whom he shares some conservative policies, the Hungarian prime minister Supports EU sanctions on Moscow, but Refused to send arms to Ukraine.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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