Putin calls for Western ‘respect’ in meeting with loyal Lukashenko: ‘We will win!’


president Russia, Vladimir Putinmet with the President of Belarus on Monday, Alexander Lukashenko, the spa city of Sochi on the Black Sea coast. Putin has a staunch supporter in Lukashenko, and this meeting, which is not on the agenda of the Kremlin chief, has confirmed it, if possible.

In the beginning, they collected images broadcast on state television, and in some bizarre statement, Lukashenko said that “the future of Europe is with Russia and Belarus, where they have everything they need”, ignoring the invasion of Ukraine, as response to sanctions and gas revenge Or grains as a counterattack.

“European countries have everything we can buy from them: technology and other things. What else do they need?” Lukashenko asked, and Putin added: “Please respect us.”

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The Belarusian president thanked Russia for the invitation and firmly believes in reaching “all solutions”. Putin has proposed to discuss economic issues with his interlocutors, especially joint plans on food and fertilizers.

“Let them run away and they’ll come back”

Although the agenda is – allegedly – based on secondary issues, some from war and others from everyday life, Lukashenko did not want to avoid standing up to his allies in the final hour of the conflict. “Our cause is just, and we will win!” he enthused, before addressing one of the issues that may be bothering Putin the most right now: Reserve.

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Deploying 300,000 citizens to fight in Ukraine leaves a very negative impression on the Kremlin Opposition seen on the street As for the crackdown trying to suppress protests. this monday, A young man shoots and kills an officer at a recruitment center Go to prison, but not to war, to possible death.

Lukashenko played down the facts or that young people are fleeing abroad. “Russia has the resources to mobilize 25 million people, so let 30,000 or 50,000 run away … let them run away and they’ll come back. You just have to decide what to do with them,” he said, trying to please his master.

The president explained that he is not worried about thousands of fellow citizens leaving the country after the 2020 presidential election, reported as fraud opposition and the international community. “Most people are asking us to take them back,” he assured.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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