Putin bows his head after quitting Kherson, wiped from G20 of planned meeting between Biden and Xi


Ukrainian still vigilantbut the Russian troops withdrew from Khersonthe only provincial capital he controls, has been read as Russia loses again on the battlefield and new humiliation for its President Vladimir Putin. “Another victory for Kyiv”, said Jens Stoltenberg, the adventurous NATO Secretary General.

to some extent Russian soldiers expected to leave the area after the evacuation of the population.However, lost the most important city area bordering crimeaThe peninsula to the Black Sea, illegally annexed by Russia in 2014, remains a heavy blow to an army in recent months just backwardsleaving a trail of fallen people and abandoned equipment behind them.

a few hours later generally Sergey Surovkin Announcement that the Russian army will move to the west bank of the Dnieper – because as he said, there are logistical problems with the supply of troops and he does not want to make unnecessary sacrifices – Putin announces will not attend the G20 summit Next week in Bali, Indonesia. This will be the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrovwho will replace him.

[Putin se atrinchera en Jersón para fijar la nueva línea de defensa en el río Dniéper y proteger Crimea]

The Kremlin gave no explanation and left the door open to Putin’s possible remote involvement. However, the reluctance to meet face-to-face with key world leaders once again reflects, the international isolation it suffered.

In fact, several Western countries have been pressuring the edition’s host, Indonesia, for months to withdraw its invitation to the Russian leader. Some members, such as the United States, They even demanded the expulsion of Moscow The members of the group, which actually requires unanimous agreement.

Xi-Biden meeting

It is confirmed that the Chinese leaders are participating in this event Xi Jinpingit tries to regain lost ground on the international committee after a two-year absence from the summit Because of its strict “zero epidemic” policyIt was in Uzbekistan in September that Xi Jinping left his country for the first time to meet his traditional ally, Vladimir Putin.

Not this time. In the past few weeks, Beijing will Unselected your partner, he even came to warn Ukraine of the consequences of a possible use of nuclear weapons. Instead, he appears to be meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden.

U.S. President Joe Biden holds a virtual call with Chinese leader Xi Jinping at the White House in Washington in 2021.


This was announced by the White House this is a statementelaborating that “leaders will discuss efforts to maintain and deepen channels of communication between the United States and the People’s Republic of China.”

The summit will be the first face-to-face meeting between the leaders of the two countries since Biden took office nearly two years ago.This will also be the first conversation Designed to reset severely damaged relationshipsamong other things, as tensions escalate after the August visit Nancy Pelosi to Taiwanan autonomous island claimed by China as its own, which the United States has pledged to defend.

[El doble juego de Pekín: pide a Rusia rebajar sus amenazas mientras presiona a Taiwán]

In addition, in June, the Atlantic Alliance included in its strategic concept Beijing has become a major “challenge” to global security. In October, the Pentagon did the same in the national defense strategy.

“President Biden believes it’s critical to lay the groundwork for that relationship and ensure there are rules to our competition,” a White House source told the agency. Reuters. Therefore, from the meeting between Xi and Biden No big deal expected. However, reconciliation would not only ease tensions between the two great powers, but may push Russia further afield.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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