Putin blackmails UN so Ukraine can continue to deliver food through the Black Sea


also defeat on the battlefieldVladimir Putin too Added failures in the diplomatic fieldThat same Tuesday, the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly (143 votes in favour, 35 abstentions and 5 against) condemned Russia’s annexation of four regions of Ukraine.Not even traditional allies like india or china They showed him support.

In response to the increasingly apparent international isolation, the Russian president has opted to revert to a strategy that has been in use since the beginning of the war: blackmail. This time, instead of focusing on energy, he threatened to block (again) grain export From Ukrainian ports.

already Gennady GatilovRussia’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, assured him in an interview with the agency on Thursday Reuters Moscow ready to refuse to renew last July’s guarantee to open sea ​​corridor Safety Ukrainian grains from the Black Sea.

Gennady Gatilov, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations Office and Other International Organizations in Geneva.


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Therefore, with the mediation of the United Nations and Turkey, it is possible Alleviate the food crisis Caused by the Russian naval blockade since the beginning of the invasion.Because it is worth remembering that Ukraine and Russia are the two biggest exporter cereals international.

The Kremlin is now threatening to withdraw the agreement at a meeting next month between the four parties (Russia, Ukraine and the two intermediaries) “if their demands are not taken into account”.as explained Gatilov In the interview, Moscow reportedly sent a letter to the UN secretary general this week, Antonio Guterresdetailing your complaint and request.

“There is a possibility that we can withdraw from the agreement … but we are not against grain, but the agreement must be enforced by both parties equally, fairly and equitably,” he told ReutersHe added: “If we find that nothing favorable has happened on the Russian side of the deal, then excuse me, we will have to look at it another way.”

Russia’s complaint

Last month, Vladimir Putin had already warned he would back down. He did it while on the phone with the French president, Emmanuel Macronin which he said he was not Compliance with the agreementbecause Ukrainian grain did not reach developing countries first.

“When discussing the issue of world food security, it is emphasized that Black Sea port Developing countries should go first,” he said in a statement.

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However, according to the Kremlin, European Commission sanctions have hampered Russian agricultural products and Fertilizer Supply Sold to the African, Middle East and Latin American markets.

If Russia withdraws from the agreement, The outcome of months-long negotiations, which expires at the end of November. However, the UN aims to expand it and extend it for another year. To that end, the group’s aid chief Martin Griffiths and senior trade official Rebecca Greenspan will travel to Moscow later this week to discuss both issues with senior Russian officials.



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