Putin announces mobilization of 300,000 reservists to end in two weeks

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, said on Friday, mobilization part of The decree issued on September 21 last year will about two weeks“And he’s not going to expand it.

“Total 222,000 out of 300,000 people have been mobilized“And “all mobilizations will be over in about two weeks,” Putin told a news conference after two days of regional summits in the Kazakh capital.

the boss Kremlin He stressed that there are no plans for further mobilization.

“first, Ministry of Defense He initially proposed a smaller number, not 300,000. Second, there are no additional plans. The Ministry of Defense has made no recommendations in this regard, and I don’t see any need for it in the foreseeable future,” he stressed.

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Putin noted that 33,000 of the 222,000 mobilized are currently training military units and 16,000 are in detachments already on combat duty.

In light of numerous complaints about mobilized citizens being sent to the front without any military preparation, he announced that he would order the Russian Security Council to conduct checks on how mobilized citizens received instructions.

“All conscripted citizens must undergo training,” the Russian president stressed.

The recruitment office in the Chelyabinks region confirmed today to Russia’s TASS news agency that five mobilizers had died, none of whom had received military training before being sent to the Ukrainian front, according to the BBC’s Russia service citing the testimony of relatives.

‘No more massive attacks’

Putin also said he saw no need for further large-scale attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure after destroying about a third of the country’s power grid. “There is no need for a massive attack now. Now we have other targets, and according to the DoD’s plan, only seven of the roughly 29 planned targets were not destroyed.”

“But they are accomplishing those goals,” he added, stressing that there is no need for a new wave of bombing at the moment, “but later, we will see.”

Russia launched Massive attack on Ukraine After condemning the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge last Saturday, he blamed the special services in Kyiv.

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Asked about the possibility that Ukraine may cease to exist as a state due to Russia’s “special military operations”, Putin assured ‘We never set ourselves the goal of eradicating it’.

“I want to make this clear. To put it mildly, what happened today is unpleasant, but if we don’t do it now, we’ll be forced to do it later, but for us it’s a lot worse, “He says.

That’s why “we are acting in the right and timely way,” Putin concluded, noting that he does not regret launching military action against Ukraine, despite setbacks by Russian troops on the ground. EFE

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