Purple Foods Benefits: Why Are They Needed for Optimal Health?


I amt may not necessarily seem the most appealing on first viewing, but purple food can significantly improve your health, with two benefits, which are that it helps reduce the risk of heart disease and cataracts.

Purple fruits and vegetables, like eggplant and grapes, are included in the diet of more people, because there is an understanding that “eating a rainbow” means eating healthier foods of different colors.

Speaking specifically about purple fruits and vegetablesThey are rich in antioxidants, which in turn help improve overall health and prevent diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

The health benefits of purple foods

Purple fruits and vegetables are part of a healthy diet for many people and may even have physiological and psychological benefits.

By increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables, you can reduce your risk of obesity, cataracts, and heart disease.

Purple food contain anthocyanins, which are antioxidants that help prevent and repair cellular damage, including ways to reduce risk when it comes to cancer, heart and neurological disease.

If you are on a high-fat diet and obesity often has an indirect effect, a 2017 animal study found that a diet high in fat but with purple potatoes or carrots may have some metabolic and cardiac benefits, although this remains to be tested in humans.

In addition, another advantage is that purple fruits and vegetables May also help you think more clearly and calmly: A 2019 review found that purple foods high in polyphenols have positive effects on cognitive function.

Recommended purple foods

  • Purple grapes
  • Blackberry
  • Black currant
  • Blueberry
  • Concord grape juice
  • Fig
  • Plums
  • Acai berries

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