pure life


They were no wolves for the lambs, from minute zero there was no rival. Costa Rica He was always far from the ball both in defense and attack. The Ticos, without the leather, chased the shadows and with the ball they were so scared that they did not make four passes, neither vertically nor horizontally. It was the rival but, not for that reason, the merit is less since Spain managed to play, score and broadcast. Perfect match, impossible not to feel full, pure life.

He is not the first to play against an offsuit opponent. Argentina experienced a first half with a favorable wind against a Arab it left him free, but he didn’t play, he scored a penalty and he didn’t even transmit from distance. Not a smile, not a show of pride or personality. Arabia mutated, Argentina collapsed to illustrate another of the wonders of Spain and that is that our team forgot the score and its ego to continue playing the same game for more than a hundred minutes. Until the end, let’s go to Spain.

It is played on the opposite side. There is a false nine with Asensio and false attackers because neither Olmo nor Ferran, of course Asensio He acted as a midfielder, they were forwards but more like midfielders to use. Spain without nines and without attackers, with full rotation at the top and with continuity in differential movements due to the simplicity of Pedri’s football – what a recital in the handful! – and Busquets. With them Gavi, the perfect triangle. Ours, Pedri and Gavi, join Musiala and Bellingham as next-generation galacticos. We are in.


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