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Fire test. By July 6, the “purchasing power” bill with an amended budget should be considered by the new parliament, but it is uncertain whether it will pass. This will be the first battle at Palais Bourbon, led by RN and Nupes, who may say the executives aren’t doing enough. Holy paradox. Because in order to cushion the blow of household inflation (5.2% in a year), the government is not stingy: new inflation compensation, pension revaluation, social minimum, blockade of gas and electricity prices, electricity… As a taxpayer, France is the most expensive in Europe One of the most generous countries. One consequence: the target of a public deficit of 5% of GDP by the end of 2022 appears to have been compromised.

Spend slippage

Overall, the 2021-2022 bill has already exceeded 38 billion euros, of which 18 billion euros are used only to reduce electricity bills and freeze gas prices. Again, this amount does not include certain measures whose exact details are unknown, such as the unfreezing of civil service index points, a higher social minimum or a new inflation allowance, which will be paid to households at the beginning of the year. school year. Moderately, awaiting a food inspection in 2023. “France has taken the largest and most comprehensive measures of any major European country, Stéphane Colliac of BNP Paribas underlines. They will significantly mitigate the decline in purchasing power, by 0.8% in 2022 instead of 3.1%. »

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