Pull & Bear launched this new series of boots at a gift price, ready for the cold


Boots are a must-have item in our wardrobe in autumn and winter. Pull & Bear is one of our leading brands in the fashion industry. This season showed us that we can have comfortable, easy-to-assemble and reasonably priced bootsThe best part is that they are available in four colors, so we can choose the most suitable color. clothing What do we have.

They are boots worthy of detailed analysis, and this is what we are going to do. The first thing that caught our attention was the track sole. We like it for several reasonsThe first thing is that it is very thick and protects the feet from cold and dampness. In addition, it adds a lot to the appearance and makes us look taller without wearing high heels.

Pull & Bear boots are high, just below the kneeTo make them more comfortable to wear, they have a handle on the top, which is commendable.

One of our favorite things is The shoe body is a bit loose, so we can also wear tights or ribbed knit leggings in the boots.

Combining them, we have infinite possibilities at our fingertips.If we choose black, we can cheer up All black shape, with faux leather dress and long coat, suitable for any occasion.

We can also Pair it with a knitted dress and padded jacket for a more casual style. Provide a super comfortable appearance for off-road women like us.

Pull & Bear boots

The boots are sold in the following colors: Caramel, black, raw material and tobacco. From No. 35 to No. 41, their price is 49.99 Euros. All numbers are still available!

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