Puerto Rico brewery reaction


Prior to the intervention of the Corporation for Insurance and Supervision of Cooperatives (Cossec) with Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito de Cervecera de Cervecera de Puerto Rico, following the identification of the fraudulent scheme, the company assured in a written message that it did not have any administrative link. nor in working order with the specified cooperative.

They stated that the cooperative is an organization created by employees and former employees of Cervesera de Puerto Rico in their personal capacity and is not part of Cervesera de Puerto Rico.

This intervention comes at a time when Cossec has publicly confirmed that it is ready to intervene with ten more cooperatives, the process of which may end in closure, mainly due to insolvency.

This verification process took effect last week after the regulator closed the Tres Monjitas cooperative due to insolvency.

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