PSOE expels Joaquín Leguina for going to Ayuso act


The PSOE of Pedro Sánchez, hated both by historical figures of socialism and Philippe González, Joaquin Leguina and Nicholas Redondo Terreros, finally suspended Leguina, former president of the Community of Madrid, from activism for having attended an act of the president of the executive of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. “They’re not going to shut my mouth,” Leguina replied.

The PSOE has opened an expulsion file for Leguina and also Nicolás Redondo Terreros on May 6, 2021, after the regional elections of the Community of Madrid, to understand that both had asked for the vote for the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who accompanied in an act of the campaign for the autonomous elections of May 4. The decision was adopted at the meeting of the Federal Executive of the Socialists after these elections. The former socialist president Joaquín Leguina was also not hurt by the clothes, he assures that the region “is better” today than in 1995, when the PP acceded to the government, and “this autonomous community was an invention” where “fortunately” there are not “nationalists” nor “something of identity”.

Pedro Sánchez’s PSOE hasn’t flinched when it comes to making cleaning with those who disagree. Leguina had already expressed its support for Isabel Díaz Ayuso on previous occasions, such as during an informative breakfast in February 2019 at the 21st century clubwhen still the popular she had not ascended to the Madrid presidency and was practically unknown. However, it was after the Greek tragedy experienced last Tuesday within the Madrid PSOE, when they decided to act against these two historic socialists.

However, in September last year, the file on Redondo Terreros was filed because the party understood that it had not asked for the vote for the PP. At that time, the former Basque socialist leader considered that his party’s decision to archive the file “reinforces a wide margin of divergence within the PSOE”, as he declared to PS.

But the case against Joaquin Leguina He continued his course and the former president of the Community of Madrid received a burofax from the Post Office today at his home informing him that he has been suspended from activism, as he himself specified in statements to PS.

“It’s a way of saying that they want to deport me. It’s not an eviction as such, ”he stressed while warning that he will respond after speaking with his lawyers when they return from the bridge.
To do this, he said, they will devise a strategy inside or outside the PSOE.

In any case, Joaquín Leguina made it clear that he would not be silent: “If Pedro Sánchez thinks that with these methods he is going to silence me, let him think of something else.” PSOE sources have also confirmed that Joaquín Leguina has been suspended from his post after following the procedure started months ago “with all the guarantees for the member”.


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