PSG medical report: Lionel Messi continues to recover, and Sergio Ramos will return to training next week



11/05/2021 –

Paris Saint-Germain released a weekly medical report highlighting progress in the recovery of both Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos

After visiting the Regenerative Therapy Clinic in Madrid for a week, albeit skipping the trip to Leipzig for this, there is confidence that Messi close to getting back in shape.

He will not be available on Saturday night in the match with Bordeauxalthough there is optimism that he will be able to represent the Parisian club after the break.

Messi This morning I continued my treatment at the Ooredoo training center for pain in my knees and hamstrings, ”the statement said.

Messi However, he is likely to represent the Argentine during the break between the national teams, which will test his suitability for the match before returning to Paris.

Leo Messi travels to Madrid for rehabilitation therapy clinic‘Jugones’ LaSexta

Sergio Ramos Injury News

However, the Argentinean was not the only player mentioned in the report, and PSG also offers brief information on Bouquets and when he can make his long-awaited debut.

Despite worrying reports this week that his contract with the club could be terminated due to ongoing injuries, Bouquets will return to full training with the team next week.

First real Madrid The captain has had a hard time training with his teammates since joining the club, limiting his progress.

The remainder of the report focuses on Leandro Paredes, Marco Verratti, Rafinha and Presnel Kimpembe

Leandro Paredes continues his rehabilitation and sports work on the field at the Ooredoo training center, ”the statement said.

Marco Verratti continues treatment, after a break for the national team it is planned to return to training.

Rafinha there will be five days of treatment for pain in the right hip until Presnel Kimpembewho suffers from a hamstring injury in his left thigh will receive treatment for the next 10 days at the Ooredoo training center. “

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