PS5 DualSense Edge controller design, price, features and more


The DualSense Edge was announced at the Opening Night Live presentation at Gamescom 2022.

Sony announced the controller during the event with an all-too-short preview, showing off the upgraded controller and its unique capabilities that elevate it above the standard DualSense wireless controller.

PS5 Dual Sense Edge Controller Design

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From the front, the DualSense Edge looks a lot like a standard DualSense, except it has a black trackpad instead of a white one like the standard model. It will also include a beautiful white carrying case.

That controller will no doubt feel quite similar in the hand, which is a good thing considering the fantastic design of the standard DualSense. However, when you look under each joystick, you will notice a small change indicating a significant difference. These provide easy access to controls for adjusting volume, mic input levels, and button profile on the fly.

Since stick drift has ruined the DualSense, you’ll be able to buy just one replacement stick unit from PlayStation to replace each one on your DualSense Edge without having your controller disassembled by an expert, that’s big news.

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Price and availability

Dual Sense Edge PS5 Controller
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According to Sony, it will be priced at $199.99 and will be available internationally on January 26, 2023, perhaps around the same time as PSVR 2. Unfortunately, no price in Australian dollars was provided.

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Dual Sense Edge PS5 Controller
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The DualSense Edge may look cool, but its usefulness as an expert pad will be determined by its features. For the most part, it looks like Sony is pulling out all the stops in this regard.

The Edge, unsurprisingly, will be very modular. Drumsticks, drumstick caps and tail paddles can be replaced and adjusted to your liking. The layout and intensity of the controls are also fully customizable. Players will be able to completely change their button layout, as well as dead zones, trigger travel distance, and sensitivity.

The controller can do all of this on the fly. A dedicated Fn (function) button will launch a separate user interface that allows users to change their controller settings quickly. You can also store profiles for when you need them most.

Additionally, the DualSense Edge will have a braided USB-C cable that can be locked onto the controller to prevent accidental disconnections, making it ideal for competitive gaming in life circumstances. There will also be three sets of stick toppers for people who like alternate grips on their sticks.

Battery duration

The main drawback of the DualSense is the short battery life. It falls well short of the pads on comparable systems, sometimes clocking in at 4-10 hours on a single charge.


If the DualSense line is your favorite way to play, the initial cost of the Edge may be worth it so you can swap out joysticks that create drift or other difficulties instead of spending money on new controllers every time.


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