Protinol: the technology that promises to revolutionize anti-aging care


The hydrogenation and the fight against the effects of the passage of time is one of the great concerns of those who want to keep their face firm and shining. Moisturizes, full-bodied, firm and leave the skin to look younger, are the main benefits of continuous use of moisturizers and other products on a continuous basis. There are many ingredients used today to keep the face hydrated and try to alleviate the effects of aging. Now introduces Avon Protinol technology.

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It is an important innovation developed by Avon 2020, after a long and extensive research process between after a long investigation in the laboratories at the University of Manchester and Avon Skin Care Institute, and is now included in the company’s skin care products, such as Anew ampoules, Renewal Power serum or moisturizers.

The new Avon Anew Renewal Power Serum uses exclusive Protinol ™ technology, internationally recognized with the prestigious Edison Award for Innovation. Its revolutionary formula strengthens the skin’s collagen and provides 7 important benefits in just 7 days – according to a study conducted among a group of more than 50 women -: minimizes lines, tightens the appearance of the skin, improves brightness, minimizes the appearance of pores, and strengthens the skin besides that it provides flexibility. This product can be used on all skin types, tones and ages.

Protinol ™ acts on two of the main types of collagen, known as collagen I and collagen III. With age, the levels of collagen decrease and our skin loses the elasticity it had when we were younger. Protinol’s revolutionary formula helps restore the levels of both, with a double boost, bringing them closer to the optimal ratio of baby’s skin. This serum also contains the added benefit of niacinamide, which protects collagen and helps to renew the skin on the surface, promotes a smooth skin tone, which fights blemishes and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores.

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The Anew line has received Silver recognition at the Edison Awards in the “Consumer Goods” category for the very invention of Protinol ™, an advanced technology ingredient that can restore seven years of lost collagen in the skin in just seven days. Receiving an Edison Award is one of the highest awards a company can receive globally, in terms of innovation, and is a testament to the highest global standards in product design and development. According to experts, Collagen is a protein that decreases by about 1% per year after the age of 25, as the generation of elastin and hyaluronic acid decreases with time.

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