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The next technological upgrade could be interactivity in sports and music broadcasts.

Guest post by Adrian Pennington

Separating the show from its constituent elements and allowing viewers to create their own version may sound strange, but the technology is at hand to make it a reality. Live content already consists of pure streams separated by video, audio and graphics (still picture, title) before they mature into a broadcast signal. Object-Based Broadcasting (OBB) simply extracts a few raw elements, treats them as data, and allows the user’s web device to tailor the broadcast to the context, such as screen size or viewer preferences.

“The internet works by cutting things up

, sending them over the network, and reassembling them according to audience preferences or device context,” explains John Page, head of research and development at the BBC. “OBB is the idea of ​​making the media work like the internet. “With the 4K Ultra HD chain resolved, research and development teams have identified live experience interactivity as the next revolutionary technical upgrade.BT nba중계 Sky Sports and the BBC are investigating the OBB. In the spotlight of the head of the BBC, CTO Matthew Postage called the idea “profound” and “misunderstood”.

“It’s about moving the entire industry away from the idea of ​​hermetically sealing video

And audio in a place where we’re no longer broadcasters but transmitters of data,” he says. Larger screen images for the visually impaired or sign language presenters instead of regular presenters to help people with hearing impairments are two examples designed to improve accessibility. The BBC has demonstrated this with object deconstruction of a weather forecast. Presenters presenting the green screen forecast were matched to a data stream containing weather icons, animation data, and captions, and then delivered as a package for display on a client device.

OBB will likely initially be sold as part of experiments with a second screen.

“The process of streaming content to the TV in the living room has been disrupted,” said Drag Ward, director of technology at Agonist. “The public is looking forward to interacting with him. “Agonist offers a content management system and a set of software templates that make it easy for manufacturers to implement an OBB workflow rather than building one from scratch. Initially it is based on extracting images from a live signal.

The solution is integrated into applications for the QVC shopping channel, where the “buy now” button on the TV becomes a touch screen option on the smartphone; and The You, an online video clipper that uses technology to add interactivity to its content. The idea may attract, in particular, sports and music producers. Live music creators may want to overlay interactive performance information on a second screen. Sports fans may want to choose from various rankings, heat maps, or position tracking over live streams. This works particularly well for data-intensive sports such as Formula 1 or Moto, where members of the same family may want to control different aspects of a race, a scenario that BT Sport is actively investigating.

In entertainment or daytime streams for a second screen app,

The OBB workflow will allow your favorite click, reply or tweet to appear on the screen. “The production process hasn’t changed and means viewers can fully engage in the social media conversation without leaving the show itself,” says Ward.

Another idea is to make the news or financial feed ticker interactive. “Instead of waiting to scroll through a headline to read it again, you can click on it and go straight to it,” he says. Since news is essentially a playlist of articles, video content can also be displayed on demand via the news menu.

This type of app still leaves the content “baked” but offers a taste of OBB’s potential.

“In the future, all TVs will be like this,” Ward said. “As TVs gain more control through gestures and forced feedback, new types of interactivity can be brought into the living room.”


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