Prohens attacks PSOE in Congress for not arresting Montero


The president of the Balearic PP and deputy in Congress, Marga Prohens, starred in a forceful intervention in Congress this Tuesday where he attacked the PSOE for not stopping the Irene Montero at the same time he demanded the minister’s resignation. Prohens told Montero that “out of respect for all women, out of respect for all sexual assault victims who saw their attackers take to the streets sooner than expected, I should have taken my responsibilities and resigned.”

Prohens, who was in charge of defending the position of the PP in the proposal of Minister Montero’s disapproval, after having rejected the explanatory memorandum of the initiative under debate, indicated in his speech that “the Popular Party is not going to fall into the error that others have fallen into when we have debated budgets. I’m not going to fall into insults or personal attacks that distract from what is really the reason for supporting his disapproval and resignation, which is his way of governing, his legal mess.

The popular reminded the Minister of the result of the two months of application of his law of only yes is yes which resulted in “55 sex offenders [ahora ya son 58] beneficiaries, 61 years of sentence reductions in total, more than 13 releases, the communities of Madrid, Galicia, the Valencian Community, Cantabria or the Balearic Islands, with aggressors in the streets before their time and the Supreme Court had no choice but to approve the reduced sentences. It is the balance of his law.

“The PSOE is not that it is incapable of arresting Minister Montero, it is that it is complicit and responsible for it that those who do not believe in equality policies and today question gender violence arm themselves with arguments to demand the abolition of this ministry. Where is the State Pact PSOE? “, ugly Prohens the socialists.

“After yesterday’s non-debate on trans law, it doesn’t exist. The same feminist movement wrote yesterday today the PSOE humiliated the PSOE”, continued. “When the legal consequences of this new law are known, do not say that we did not warn you or that it is the fault of the judges, as they did today, that in an exercise in cynicism and lack of respect for the judiciary presents another stupidity for not fixing the law of the only yes is yes and the spokesperson says it’s to give a touch to the judges, ”he reproached him.

Prohens took advantage of his speech to lament the latest sexist murder of a woman today, in Albacete, on the 41st this year in Spain. “It is a scourge and it must be put to an end”, he defended, while lamenting that “the Balearic Islands, in my community, where there is a lack of specialized courts, police and civil guards to protect women, where scandals abound, once again became the community with the highest rate of gender-based violence this year.


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