Pro-Russian authorities in Luhansk admit situation ‘worrying’ as Ukraine advances


If the pro-Russian authorities Luhansk Regionannexed by Russia last week, assured yesterday province Under Moscow’s control, this Wednesday they have recognized that the situation is “scary“In the territory.

On Monday, Zelensky’s forces successfully crossed the Luhansk administrative border and replaced the front line about 35 kilometers, to the city of Cremina.From there the battalions will go to Svartov, a industrial city Lisichansk, Rubizny and Severo-DonetskLocated a little further south.

“The situation in Svatov is worrying but under control,” said the Luhansk representative in Moscow. Rodion Mirosnik. Likewise, he noted that Russian artillery was striking where the enemy was concentrated, while the army was Consolidate the positionaccording to the agency Eph.

[El frente ruso se derrumba al norte y al sur: Ucrania avanza en las zonas anexionadas por Putin]

This information is in stark contrast to that provided by the Ukrainian governor of the province, Sergiy Haidai, who assured on his Telegram channel “Russian troops have already begun to withdraw from the area. ”

Likewise, British intelligence warned that Possible and Imminent Ukraine Attack on the way to connect Svatove and Kreminna, which will increase the pressure on Kremlin troops deployed in the east.

“They will be sent back to Russia”

Although Ukraine has made significant progress and seized last weekend Liman Fortin the Donetsk region, the Russians believed they would be able to recover the liberated areas of Kyiv.

“We will liberate Krasniliman (the Russian name for the town of Liman) and the entire territory of the republic,” the interim leader of Donetsk assured Wednesday. Dennis Pushlinin the collected report European Press.

A few hours ago, Kremlin spokesman Dimitri Peskov assured that Russia would reclaim these territories”give up temporarily“In the newly annexed areas of eastern Ukraine: Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye.

“There is no contradiction here. They will always be with Russia and they will be repatriated,” he said, according to the news agency. interface.

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