Princes of Wales: tension on the rise with the Sussexes


The princes of wales They arrive in the United States amid great media expectation in the first months of the reign of Carlos III. Secured in their new roles within the British Royal Family, William and Catherine have flown to Boston on a trip that will culminate in the second annual Earthshot Prize. Just a few days later, the next Tuesday, Harry and Meghan will be just over 300 kilometers apart, in New York City, where they will accept an honor at the Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope Awards. A curious coincidence in acts and time that, as is already being glimpsed, will not be a reason for physical rapprochement between the two brothers and their respective wives, as some English media are already outlining in charge of following each of the couple’s movements in detail. .

The Sussexes and the Princes of Wales. in the tributes to Isabel II/ Gtres

Without going any further, the Daily Mail reported a few hours after the departure of the Prince of Wales that there were no signs of an intention on the part of both couples to see each other in the United States. Next, the Telegraph published that Guillermo and Catalina, according to a source from their own team of advisers, are fully aware of the shock of the presence of Enrique and Meghan in their particular subsequent act and there is no fear that the media presence of the Sussexes will make shade to his next public appearance.

The Sussexes and the Princes of Wales.  in the tributes to Isabel II/ Gtres
The Sussexes and the Princes of Wales. in the tributes to Isabel II/ Gtres

Not only that, the order on the part of the heir to the crown and his wife is clear, since, as British experts in royalty matters point out, Prince William and Princess Catherine “will not be distracted” by them while in the United States. Some words that, in addition to showing a clear position of the princes, undoubtedly denote a large dose of disinterest that is intended to reflect publicly towards the opposite couple. What it seems that they will not be able to avoid during their stay in Boston, as explained in media such as The MirrorThese are the uncomfortable questions you will have to face in a country that does not understand royal protocol in the same way as they do in Great Britain. Will they answer the questions about Harry and Meghan?

Prince Harry and William of England / Gtres
Prince Harry and William of England / Gtres

As is known, this is the first time that members of the royal family have traveled to the United States, the country of residence of Enrique and his family, since the controversial interview of both with Oprah Winfrey. Not only that, the movement of the Princes of Wales coincides with the recent publication of Spare, the biographical book of King Charles’s youngest son, and it occurs a few weeks after the convulsive premiere of the Netflix documentary on the life of the Dukes of Sussex. . Both projects, which have finally seen (in the case of Enrique’s book) and will see the light (in the case of the documentary series) despite the attempts by the younger brother of the heir to the crown of England to modify and paralyze both projects after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. A sum and continues of movements in the middle of a cold war that have only intensified family tensions centered on the battered brotherhood of the children of Lady Di and the new King of England.


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