Prince Rupert Homicide-Suicide: Youth Ministry employee shot dead in British Columbia


A tragic accident occurred in British Columbia when a 44-year-old man shot a 52-year-old girl before committing suicide. Here is everything related to the horrific murder-suicide incident of Prince Rupert that took the life of an employee of the Ministry of Youth.

British Columbia officers pay tribute to an employee who worked for the Department of Youth and Household Development. Mayor Herb Pond further responded to the news and called it a “tragic occasion.”

Prince Ruper Homicide-Suicide: What Happened?

The alleged murder-suicide incident occurred at the Ocean Center Mall in Prince Rupert at the time a 44-year-old man shot and killed a 52-year-old girl. After killing the woman, the man shot himself lifeless.

The girl died on the spot and could not be transported to a medical facility. Despite this, the person was taken to the hospital, but did not survive. Police described it as a “remote incident” and confirmed that the two dead knew each other.

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Nevertheless, they have not revealed how the two know each other. According to a report from a neighborhood information point, the two worked together at the company.

BC officers pay tribute to girl shot lifeless in Prince Rupert

British Columbia officers, along with Prime Minister David Eby, paid their respects to the Ministry of Youth and Home Development worker who was shot dead in Prince Rupert. The claim was made on behalf of Eby, Mike Farnworth and Jennifer Rice.

“Our hearts go out in addition to those who took immediate action to provide emergency assistance, to those who may have witnessed this violence and to all whose safety was threatened by yesterday’s events,” he states.

“We’re here for you, and perhaps we’ll be back in days, weeks, and months.”

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Eby had previously confirmed that the victim was a member of the BC Basic Staff Association. Nevertheless, no other details have been revealed.

Who was the girl shot lifeless in The Homicide-Suicide of Prince Rupert?

The girl who was shot dead in Prince Rupert at the moment has been identified as 52-year-old Patty Forman from British Columbia. She was an employee of the Ministry of Youth and Household Development. She was additionally a member of the BC Basic Staff Association.

Forman’s son, Joshua Forman, confirmed the identity of the deceased and reacted to the tragic news of his mother’s death on social media.

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“I’m sure everyone in town already knows that it’s with the heaviest heart that I announce that my mom, my best friend, my instructor and all my stuff… Shawn Yeung’s fiancé who subsequently took his personal life,” Joshua Forman wrote.

He added: “In the last dialogue we had, she asked me what I need for my birthday and all I said was a good dinner. She was smiling from ear to ear because she liked to cook dinner and cash was scarce… I wanted to stay ahead of the week when all this happened.

Who was the suspect in The Murder-Suicide of Prince Rupert?

The suspect in the murder and suicide of Prince Rupert has been identified as 44-year-old Shawn Yeung. He belonged to Canadian border companies. Yeung allegedly shot Patty Forman in a mall, then shot himself.

He was taken to the hospital, but did not survive. The Canadian Border Companies confirmed the tragedy in an official statement.

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“The Canada Border Companies Company (CBSA) is aware of the incident that occurred at the Ocean Center Mall in Prince Rupert, BC, and the involvement of a CBSA employee,” the company wrote in an email to The Northern View on November 11, 22. “Throughout this difficult time, we express our deepest sympathy to the household of the suffering person.

The exact motive for the crime is currently unknown. It’s a story of creation. We will inform you about additional changes.


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