Prince Charles: resigned from his right hand due to the new scandal


Prince Charles’s new blow. He was involved in the scandal that allegedly favored Saudi tycoon Mahafoz Mare Mubarak was exposed. Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son had to deal with his resignation as a great supporter of the head of the British royal family, Michael Fawcett. After the recent incident, the CEO temporarily resigned from his position. But the pressure of the media meant that he had no choice but to propose his final resignation and clearly out of touch with the conspiracy.

Fawcett has become an outstanding heir to the heir to the throne.According to him Daily mail, The prince’s former assistant said he was “heartbroken” After the controversy came to light, she even lost weight because of aversion to accusations. Among the many rumors, Michael decided to leave the Prince’s Foundation forever to end the suffering, even though he was one of the key figures in Charles’s daily life in England. As if this is not enough, he will not be responsible for organizing his son’s activities. Isabel II Through your Premier Mode company.

Prince Charles and Michael Fawcett are talking / Gtres

After three years working side by side with my brother Prince Andrew, Michael Fawcett broke all the shackles between him and Royal familySince the beginning of 2021, suspicion has revolved around these two aspects, when the Saudi billionaire donated more than 1 million euros to renovate some properties. As far as he is concerned, the executive wrote a letter to the tycoon expressing his gratitude and willing to name him a knight. Presumably, Prince Charles did not know about this, and his foundation decided to investigate this, which left Fawcett in suspense for the past few months.

Speech by Prince Charles / Gtres
Speech by Prince Charles / Gtres

After the incident, her husband Camilla Parker Want to get rid of all kinds of comments that might affect him in his post, claiming “I don’t know the so-called proposal to donate to their charity”, According to a spokesperson. A few words that William Bortrick, one of the advisers to the Saudi tycoon, promised to deny, assume that Carlos knows everything and supports Mahafoz Mare Mubarak for the title. A Palacio spokesperson categorically denied the allegations and assured that “Botterick has never worked for the prince.” However, the collaborator still sticks to his version and admits that the tycoon will meet with the British monarch in the next few months to obtain the “special honor” of a title with this ability.

Prince Charles and Michael Fawcett at a meeting/Gtres
Prince Charles and Michael Fawcett at a meeting/Gtres

A few years ago, the spotlight was already on Fawcett. Year 2003, CEO was forced to resign Because a report was published that exposed the mismanagement of Clarence House, the residence of the Prince of Wales. Even so, Michael always stood by the heir’s side, and after many years he was able to assume the direction of the foundation.

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