Primavera Sound 2023 will be held in Madrid and Barcelona


The community of Madrid agreed this Wednesday with the promoters spring sound hold an urban music festival next year in the region. It will be in Rock city of Arganda del Reypremises belonging to the regional executive power, on days 8, 9 and 10 June. In addition, it will include the programming of various musical events before the main days.

Prime Minister of Madrid Isabelle Diaz Ayusomet at the Royal Post Office together with the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Martha Rivera de la Cruzwith the organization to complete this decision, thanks to which Madrid strengthens itself as a musical reference in Europe, expanding and improving its cultural and tourist offer.


Finally, Primavera Sound will also be based in Barcelonawhere will the concerts take place from 1 to 3 Juneso this agreement will also be “a cultural bridge between Madrid and Ciudad Condal”, they note in the Community of Madrid.

His celebration in Barcelona was in jeopardy because organizers said there was no interest from the mayor. Ada Colau during its holding, which also multiplied by 17 the rent of the area where most of the events are held, Forum Park.


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