Primark’s nod to Chanel with this summer base that you will not take off


Primark is a few months ahead and gives you an exclusive basic which you will not take off this summer, inspired by a classic of chanell. In fact, the Ugly sandals are a rising trend that has been one of the most in demand for a few seasons. Considered an “ugly” shoe, the best thing about this type of accessory is that it offers us maximum comfort and invests in a groundbreaking low-cost product, thanks to Primark. For much less than the 1,600 euros that flip flops by Chanel, Primark sells this summer’s base.

This is the Chanel-inspired Primark summer that you will not take off this summer

Chanel has been one of the big brands who has capitulated to the so-called ugly sandals, a type of shoe that wins every time summer comes. It is common to see these sandals even with socks on the coldest days of the season. The version of the luxury brand is made of rubber, which is why we ensure maximum lightness, even if the price reaches 1,600 euros.

Fortunately, Primark offers us a complement similar to Chanels, for much less. We only pay 15 euros for some sandals that we can already buy. For the most daring, it will not be a problem to wear them with socks, although we usually wait for good weather to wear this type of shoes for the first time.

We are looking for sandals that we can above all wear with countless looks. In this case, one of the first advantages of Ugly is that no matter what garment we wear them with, they will always be perfect. An Ibiza dress, culottes that we wear with the jacket to work or basic jeans, everything is possible with sandals that will be combined with everything.

Primark goes beyond red. The investment in low cost par excellence is more discreet. In a brown or black that we can combine with everything, we will enjoy a sandal that you always want to wear. It really is a kind of shoe that you put on and do not take off, you amortize it all summer.

One more time, we see how a low cost achieves the impossible, clone some great looking sandals and sell them for much less. You can go to the latest, without giving up comfort and style, except to ensure that our feet get total freedom. You can have some Chanel-type sandals with Primark seal for only 15 euros this season.

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