Pretty Mike recounts how he battled depression and fathered six children of


Pretty Mike narrates how he battled depression and had six children by different women.

pretty mike he agrees that he fathered six children by different women whose conceptions were not his.

The socialite talked about her relationship life in an interview with Chude Jideonwo, the media entrepreneur.

Mike, making an analogy, clarified that a kind man can father a child that is not necessarily his biological one.

He spoke of this when asked if the statements that he had up to six children with different women are true.

“For me, it’s real life. Yes. [I fathered six kids for six women at the same time.] It’s a mystery. You can father six children or more and they are not biologically your children. It amazes me when people think the way they think,” Mike said.

“Let’s assume, technically, that you have six girlfriends and you get them pregnant in the same month or within a period of two or three months. Women, no matter how conspicuous they are, will never agree to come up and follow you in public.

“No matter how rich you are, two will say no. I am an introvert. If the money is out there, I can change. The only thing that makes me extroverted is business. Why I do this because relevance is key. I don’t want to be left out.”

Pretty Mike also opened up about how he struggled with depression after he was let down by people within his close-knit circle.

“One of the things that triggers that is sometimes you let people get to you. Don’t let people get to you, or let someone close to you disappoint you. Someone like me has a lot of friends but doesn’t have a lot of friends either,” said the socialite.

“When someone in your intimate field disappoints you, it hurts. That’s not the people in the comments. They are the people in your circle. At that point, you go into a kind of depression. I’m talking about short-term emotional depression.

“You have to get rid of it. I had to stand up and keep moving. The question you have to ask yourself is, ‘Are you done? Is this the end of the world?’ I have to remind myself that I haven’t had sex in Monaco yet. There are still things to do.



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