President Zelensky refuses to leave Ukraine, asks for ammunition instead of a “lift”


TThe night seemed rather bleak for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who warned that Russia would attack with full force, which it did. Instead of moving to one of his bunkers for protection, he decided to fight from the front lines and quickly became a folk hero for all citizens of Ukraine. Joining other great heroes of these country tour times like ‘Ghost of Kyiv‘or’Ukrainian reaper‘, Zelenskiy also has some interesting anecdotes to tell about his busy night in Kyiv. As the attacks continued from all fronts, it became clear that Vladimir Putin’s main intention was to capture the capital and capture Zelensky. For every other government that is considered an ally of Ukraine, Zelenskiy’s decision to stay and fight was seen as a serious risk. But the president refused to run, he wanted to stay and defend his country together with his fellow citizens.

Initial media reports suggested that the United States offered to take Zelensky out of Kyiv, but he immediately refused. After the whole night of fighting with the opposition, there was a second and much more interesting report from him. The AP took a direct quote from a US official who proposed the idea to the president. Zelensky answered quite clearly after he was again offered to be taken out: “There is a fight going on here. I need ammo, not transportation,” said the brave Ukrainian president. After the sun began to shine, fierce fighting was still going on in the streets of Ukraine, but Zelensky and his fellow citizens managed to defend themselves against this first heavy attack. From everywhere began to arrive many different messages.

Zelensky shows his face after the fight.

Amid many reports from Russia that Ukraine has allegedly laid down its arms, President Zelensky decided to upload a new video to his Twitter account, where he speaks the truth. In the image, we see a man who is tired of fighting all night, but is calm and relaxed. Here is a translation of what he says: “There is a lot of false information on the Internet that I am calling on our army to lay down their arms and that there is an evacuation. I’m here. We will not lay down our arms. state.” Whatever happens to Ukraine after days of fighting, tonight will forever be remembered as the night when the heroes of Ukraine defended their homeland. President Zelensky is a prime example of a president who truly lives to serve his fellow citizens.


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