President Joe Biden was labeled a fascist by conservatives after a fiery speech against MAGA


President Joe Biden Thursday night’s political speech was a clear statement of intent ahead of the traditional election season. In a week the whole country will be on this path again, and the country will be more divided than ever before. Essentially, the online chatter that managed to scare the Democratic Party and White House a civil war is possible.

the form president donald trump has influence in the Republican Party, and many other leaders who think like him and are supported by him win their tickets all over the country. Biden wanted to deliver this speech, which was largely ignored by all major networks, to send an ominous message. With a military environment and a couple of Marines on my back, Biden has declared war on MAGA supporters.

That’s what president Joe Biden said: “They do not live in the light of truth, but in the shadow of falsehood. As I stand here, equality and democracy are under threat. We don’t do ourselves any favors to pretend otherwise. MAGA forces are determined to push this country back. Back to America, where there is no choice, no right to privacy.

“No right to birth control, no right to marry the one you love. They promote authoritarian leaders. They fan the flames of political violence. . Republican Party 2022 is partially dominated, controlled and intimidated by Trump and his henchmen.”

Hillary Clinton Supports Biden’s Views

Another Democratic Party politician who fully supported Biden was Hillary Clinton, she tweeted the part of her speech that conservatives found most threatening. They’ve been calling Biden a fascist for months, and it’s got them overwhelmed.


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