President Biden Roasts Trump, Fox News at White House Correspondents Dinner


Tmy last time White House Correspondents Dinner This happened almost three years ago and violated the pre-established rules of warfare. Each year, the sitting President of the United States hosts a dinner with the participation of all the media in the country and both political parties.

They hire a famous comedian to roast them for half an hour, sometimes more. But this is a 2019 event that had Michelle Wolfe but no president to make fun of, given that Donald Trump waged an all-out war against the press and anyone who contradicted him at the time throughout his presidency. After a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic, President Joe Biden took the stage and spoke out about a return to normal.

Biden calls Trump a “plague”.

Just Trevor Noah didPresident Biden immediately addressed the elephant in the room and, ironically, all the news organizations opposed to Covid-19 gathered for a massive event. Biden spoke of the “plague,” referring to President Donald Trump, and then the pandemic.

After that, he closed his speech with criticism of Fox News: “We had a terrible plague – and two years of covid. I decided to come to show the country how we are experiencing this pandemic. it and you’re wondering how to do it, just get in touch with your favorite Fox News reporter. They are all here. Vaccinated and strengthened,” he joked.

After the amusing remarks that lit up the room, President Biden turned serious and spoke about the importance of a free press. However, his last remark was also addressed to Trump. “A free press is not an enemy of the people,” the president said. “Where the truth is buried under the lies and the lies live on as the truth, which is clear, and I mean it in the back of my heart, that you – the free press – mean more than ever in the last century. American democracy is not a reality show.”

After his speech, Biden received a standing ovation. Trevor Noah continued to present his set for another 30 minutes. This return to a certain level of normality is a breath of fresh air, but we are all wondering how long this will last when new elections are held. America is even more divided now than when Trump was still in office.


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