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Logroño, (EFE).- The electoral coalition between the Riojan Party (PR+) and España Vaciada will present its political project to the bases and municipalities during the month of December, after which they will decide who will lead the regional and municipal candidacies for the elections of 2023.

The president of PR+, Rubén Antoñanzas, the general coordinator of España Vaciada, Inmaculada Sáenz, and the national deputy of Teruel Existe and general coordinator of the Federation of Parties of España Vaciada, Tomás Guitarte, presented this coalition this Friday during an information conference.

With the campaign slogan “La Rioja Now!” They detailed their corporate image, which includes the logos of the two political formations and the colors of the La Rioja flag.

After criticism this week from various regionalist public officials, who maintain that Sáenz will lead the regional bid, Antoñanzas assured that the final agreement of the two parties is not yet “finalized” and will then be ratified by the PR+ bodies.

He insisted that the Executive Council of PR+ approved with an overwhelming majority the creation of an electoral coalition with España Vaciada to contest the next municipal and regional elections with 23 votes for and 8 against, and according to the statutes, c is the legitimate body to take this decision.

The national deputy of Teruel Existe and general coordinator of the Federation of Parties of Spain Vide, Tomás Guitarte (i), the president of PR+, Rubén Antoñanzas (d), during the presentation this Friday in Logroño of the project “La Rioja Now!” EFE/Abel Alonso

Add to be stronger

The leader of the regionalists and councilor for sports in Logroño is convinced that its members will want to “add and give meaning to the + of the party in order to be stronger, succeed in entering government and change things”.

Before deciding on the electoral lists, he stressed that they will focus on programmatic content to define the development model of La Rioja.

“We will present the best in each city and for the Parliament, with the commitment that no candidate will disappoint the people of La Rioja and the autonomous community”, he assured.

According to Sáenz, the critical regionalist mayors and councilors “have put forward questions that are not closed”, in relation to their request to lead the regional candidacy.

Commitment to improving city services

He indicated that this coalition is very concerned about “the life of places that have less life” and intends to “maintain and improve the life and services of cities”.

According to him, España Vaciada and Partido Riojano will be a real alternative and a formation that will develop remarkably during the next elections.

To this end, the mayor also of Nieva de Cameros promised to work so that the territories give opportunities to people who, like her, are committed to living where they want to live.

For his part, Guitarte recalled that it was precisely in Nieva de Cameros that the first general assembly of the various social movements was held to give substance to the political project of España Vaciada.

He rejected the accusation of the small parties of “localists and cantonalists”, since they bring solutions to the local problems of each territory, but also changes in the structures.

It is essential to reach the institutions

In this sense, he considered “essential to reach the institutions and be where the decisions are made, because until now a model has been developed that did not guarantee equality in territories such as Aragon, Soria or La Rioja, who have been left behind”.

The National Deputy for Teruel Existe alluded to the importance of aid for the operation of businesses in different provinces and their bordering territories, among which La Rioja, as they are a necessary measure to guarantee the survival of businesses, small businesses and auto-entrepreneurs. employed in rural areas.

To present the project to the public, this coalition has opened an electoral headquarters in a local Muro del Carmen in Logroño “at street level”, which will be open tomorrow and in the afternoon after the next bridge, Antoñanzas clarified.

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