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Our daily lives make us more and more dependent on electricity, even when we are outdoors (forests, mountains, etc.) where there is no electricity. Between our smartphones, laptops and even tablets, the need for constant charging has now become a part of our lives.

Sometimes all of us will find that our batteries are running low while camping or traveling. To overcome this problem, of course there are small external batteries that allow you to charge your phone once or twice. Once the demand for energy becomes greater, such as powering a laptop or any other device that consumes more energy, or handling more urgent situations, such as providing a ventilator apnea for people who cause sleep, a small portable power station becomes It’s almost essential!

This is the place to come in, PowerOak Blueetti AC50S We have tested it for you.


BLUETTI AC50S Equipped with 120 W solar panels. They are all well packaged and well protected. As for solar panels, they are equipped with two cables that can be directly connected to the power supply of the power station. The panels can be hung through their two holes, or they are not at risk of falling due to their support.

Solar panel assembly

Please note that for the test, the manufacturer has been notified because the panel failed at the time of delivery, and we will update it as soon as we receive the new panel. Therefore, we cannot test this part correctly.



As for the power station, there are multiple cables when delivered, and each cable has a clear function, one for USB-C, one for cigarette lighter, one for solar panels, and the last one for power supply.

There are also Chinese and English information notices in the box.





The following is a summary of this autonomous power station:


this BLUETTI AC50S With a capacity of 500 Wh, it can power up to 300 watts of equipment, and the allowable peak value is up to 450 W (maximum 1 second). We noticed that there are two 220-240 V AC sockets, a 10 W wireless charger, two 12 V / 3A sockets (no polarity mentioned!), a cigarette lighter socket, and a USB-C QC 1.2 (QuickCharge ) Port and four USB-A ports.


In the back, there are power outlets for the power station itself, and lighting devices that provide 3 lighting modes, including SOS, which is useful in some cases. For example, this fill light is perfect for entering your tent after a full day of hiking.


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Before starting to use, it is best to charge the power plant to 100%. It takes about 7 hours to fully charge the 90W adapter. At this stage, the fan begins to cool the lithium battery and all internal electronic components to improve their life. As for batteries, it is estimated that their service life is about 1,000 cycles.

The power station can be charged in various ways, either through the traditional 220V power source, or through the provided solar panels, or even through the cigarette lighter in the car or RV.


There are two buttons below the power button. These are used to join blocks in DC or AC. Both types of power supplies can be used independently or at the same time, which is a real advantage. A small additional function that can disable the current input of any unit (AC or DC) without disconnecting the device, which is practical under certain conditions of use.

Therefore, multiple peripheral devices can be charged at the same time through the USB socket, and one or two 220V devices can be connected in parallel at the same time.

In addition to my tests for connecting or charging computer devices (smartphones, PCs, etc.), I also want to use breathing aids to test breathing aids for sleep apnea. The machine worked very well, as usual, even after a few hours, luckily :). This reassured me that this kind of machine is suitable for accompany my son to reconnaissance. The power sockets there are very rare or even non-existent.

The digital display clearly shows your consumption in real time. Ideal for not exceeding the maximum allowable power of the power station of 300 W. There is also overload protection. If you connect too many devices or the requested power is too high, the control unit will automatically enter the protection state and disconnect related devices internally.

There is also a 5-level indicator (20/40/60/80/100%), allowing you to know the remaining battery power of the autonomous power station at any time.


The following are some practical examples provided by the portable power station for you BLUETTI AC50S :

  • 1 75 W LCD TV for 6 hours
  • 1 20 W LED light for 25 hours
  • 1 80 W power tool for 6 hours
  • 1 mini refrigerator of 90 W for 5 hours
  • 1 200 W electric heating plate for 2.5 hours
  • 1 60 W laptop for 7 hours
  • 7 charging cycles of the drone
  • 1 200 W projector for 2 hours
  • 1 60-watt assisted breathing system (CPAP) for 7 hours


After several hours of use, BLUETTI AC50S did not weaken. In addition to outdoor use, if you experience a power outage at home that may last for several minutes/hours, and you can easily replace a small generator without inconvenience such as odor or noise, I find this to be a good supplement.

With solar panels, this combination is perfect, especially if you are going to travel for several days in a row, especially because its compact shape, handle and very light weight (less than 7 kg) are a great advantage.

in conclusion

This station is perfect and fulfills its function completely. Even if the instructions are in English, the usage and settings are very intuitive. BLUETTI AC50S is very suitable for camping or long-term stay. If you have a high power demand, it is a really good choice, and it is an ideal choice for motorhomes.


A very logical little sentence, but it’s always good to remember that we obviously can’t connect any type of equipment, such as microwave ovens, dryers or even air conditioners. The station can provide a load of no more than 300 W.If you have more power requirements, you must switch to a higher model, such as BLUETTI PowerOak EB70 Able to provide up to 1000 watts of power!

For any electrical equipment that is also used outdoors, you must be vigilant and protect your mobile electrical installations as much as possible!

On the manufacturer’s website, you will find PowerOak BLUETTI AC50S with solar panels is reduced to 799 Euros instead of 879 Euros Free shipping from Germany.

Other models

During Black Friday, you can also take advantage of many other promotions On the BLUETTI website.

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