Power outages in Cuba due to outages caused by Hurricane Ian


Cuba had no electricity in “any area” of the country on Tuesday night due to a “fault” related to weather conditions in the passage of Hurricane Ian, as confirmed by the Union of Electricity (UNE).

In a succinct press release, the state-run company said, “The National Electricity System There is a special condition, zero power generation (does not provide electricity services to the country)”.

The ruling took place at 5.57pm local time (9.57pm GMT), according to official Juventud Rebelde media. He added that the Antonio Gitras Thermal Power Plant, one of the country’s largest generators, “has left the system and cannot be synchronized”.

“immediately Ongoing work is being done on the reconnection of the systemworks will continue this Tuesday evening and early Wednesday morning,” reports Lázaro Guerra, the company’s technical director.

For its part, the Ministry of Energy and Mines, on which the Power Union relies, noted that the failure was “in the West, Central and East links” and that “its solutions need to be very precise”.

morning, UNE The deficit is expected to be 15% for the dayHowever, strong winds and torrential rain from Ian caused power outages across Cuba, initially recorded in the west, where a Category 3 hurricane made landfall this morning.

Power outages – due to damage and failures in outdated power plants, lack of fuel and regular maintenance – have been going on in Cuba for months. In the current energy crisis, however, there has never been a simultaneous blackout across the country.



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