POTUS Joe Biden accused by Elon Musk of ‘Ron Burgundy moment’


PUS resident Joe Biden was accused of having read a part of the teleprompter that he was not supposed to read, and Elon Musk compared the moment with Burgundy rum from leading.

Republican strategist Greg Price posted a clip Twitter Biden allegedly says “repeat the line” instead of actually repeating the line.

Musk responded to the tweet by saying that whoever controls the teleprompter is the real president.

He also shared a meme Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy in the television series Anchorman.

Speech delivered after Biden signed the writ of execution Friday to protect women’s reproductive rights.

cheating with the medal of honor

Right-wing Twitter accounts attack President Biden on social media, claiming he is mentally retarded.

Biden, 79, went viral on Wednesday after a grainy video circulated on social media claiming he was wearing Medal of Honor back.

The President placed a medal on the neck of a pensioner Army Specialist Five Dwight W. Birdwell during his stay in Vietnam.

Fact checkers have already confirmed that Biden placed the medal properly.

As for the failure of the teleprompter, Assistant White House Press Secretary Emily Simons said her boss said: “let me repeat this line.”


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