Possible peace deal: Russia will allow Ukraine to join the EU on one condition


RThe Russian invasion of Ukraine has been going on for more than a month, but the end may be near. Peace talks between the two countries continue this week in Istanbul, and it is believed that Russia may step back and allow Ukraine to join the European Union.

There will be one important condition, however, as Ukraine will not be allowed to join the EU militarily and the country will have to give up any hope of NATO membership.

This is reported by the Financial Times, which adds that the draft ceasefire documents no longer contain references to “denazification” or “demilitarization” – the two main issues put forward by the Russian side at the beginning of their invasion.

Ukraine cannot develop nuclear weapons or host foreign military bases

It has been reported that the terms currently being discussed assume that Ukraine will agree to refrain from developing nuclear weapons and stationing foreign military personnel in the country. It also means that there is no longer any need to strive for NATO membership.

Ukraine will receive some security guarantees from Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany, China, Italy, Poland, Israel, Turkey and others.

Peace agreement between Ukraine and Russia may be closed

David ArakhamiaUkrainian politician, told the Financial Times that both sides are close to an agreement on security guarantees and Ukraine’s ambitions in the EU.

“Concessions from Russia have been made as its month-long ground offensive has largely stalled due to tougher-than-expected Ukrainian resistance and Russia’s operational shortcomings,” the Financial Times said, speaking to several sources close to negotiations.

Others call for caution as Istanbul talks continue

However, there are calls for patience as a number of issues remain unresolved. Some even suggest that Vladimir Putin uses these peace talks to slow down the conflict and buy time to replenish his forces.

If genuine peace agreements are reached, they must be ratified Vladimir Zelensky as well as Insertgovernment of Russia.


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