Portugal bans minors under 16 from participating in bullfights

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Council of Ministers Portugal A decree was approved today which prohibits entry to the bullring Under 16.

As the Portuguese government reported today, this measure was approved at the urging of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Minors, which in 2019 requested an increase in the minimum age for participation in such shows Bullfight.

For its part, animalista PAN voted for this condition last year by Socialist Government of Costa RicaThose who have 108 of the 240 substitute seats have declared their victory after the decree was promulgated.

Representative Pan, Inês de Sousa Real, Posted a photo of a child hugging a bull on his Instagram profile, which read “We understand that children and young people do not have violence in bullfighting”, and reminded PAN to continue to defend the abolition of de los toros, and said The decree is a “very important victory”.

In recent years, the debate about minors participating in bullfights has also begun. Spain and FranceIn a country where bullfighting culture is also rooted, unlike Portugal, bullfighting is sacrificed in the bullring.

In France, in recent years, a parliament has proposed prohibiting people under 16 from participating in bullfighting.

In Spain, the regulations are governed by the bullfighting regulations established by each autonomous community.

year 1991, Canary Islands It was the first region in Spain to ban bullfighting, followed by Catalonia in January 2012, although in October 2016 Constitutional Court It lifted the ban in Catalonia.

exist Balearic Islands Bulls under the age of 16 are also prohibited from entering the bulls, and in Basque Country Children under 16 can only enter when accompanied by an adult.

In the summer of 2018, the Galician bullfighting regulations came into effect, prohibiting children under 12 years old from entering the bullring.

In 2013, the Spanish Senate’s cultural heritage declared bullfighting.


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