Pope Francis asks for forgiveness for “sin” committed in Mexico during the conquest


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Francis After acknowledging the mistakes made by the Catholic Church, he asked Mexico on Monday to learn from the past, as expressed in a letter.

“On various occasions, my predecessor and myself have asked for forgiveness of personal and social sins, because All actions or omissions that do not help spread the gospel“, the pope announced in a letter read by the cardinal Rogerio Cabrera, Archbishop of Monterrey and Chairman of the Episcopal Conference of Mexico (CEM), and revealed at a press conference held at the National Palace.

The Pope pointed out that it is necessary to “strengthen the root It is necessary to relive the past, While taking into account the light and shadow that shaped the history of this country. “

The Pope said: “This kind of retrospective must include the process of purifying memory, that is, acknowledging the mistakes made in the past, which is very painful.” Apology for the Catholic Church’s mistakesBecause he promised to have done so on other occasions.

He added: “From the same perspective, people cannot ignore some recent behaviors that violate the Christian religious sentiments of most Mexican people and cause deep suffering.”

However, he said, you should not evoke the “pain of the past” and stay there, but “learn from them.”

with Measures must be taken to “heal the wound” Thereby “cultivating open and respectful dialogue between differences” to “build the long-awaited brotherhood that puts common interests above specific interests, tensions and conflicts,” he added.

Similarly, he asked Mexicans to look back to the past to “consolidate the foundation” and to “continue to live in the present and build the future with joy and hope.” To reiterate, he went on to say that constitute their values ​​and treat them as a nation.

He added in the article: “Many of your predecessors have fought for it and even sacrificed their life values, such as independence, union, and religion.”

Permanent conquest

pope He emphasized that celebrating the independence of this country-this Monday is celebrating the 200th anniversary-means “affirmation of freedom”, which is “a gift and a permanent conquest.”

He said that he participated in the celebration and hoped that this commemoration would help strengthen the foundation and reaffirm the values ​​that gave birth to the Mexican nation.

He recalled that another event that marked the relationship between the Catholic Church and Mexico had not yet arrived. It was related to the celebration of the “500th anniversary of the Phantom of Guadalupe in ten years.”

He recalled that the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was photographed by Father Hidalgo del. Sanctuary of Attonilco It is like struggle and hope.

“María de Guadalupe, Virgin Morenita, addresses the smallest and needy in a special way, supporting brotherhood and freedom, the reconciliation of the Christian message Cultural integration, not only in Mexico, but throughout the Americas,” he said.

Finally, Pope Francis Send blessings to the people of Mexico And asked to pray for him.

200 years of independence

September 27 this year, commemorating the 200th anniversary of the country’s independence, this is part of a series of activities celebrating the 200th anniversary throughout the year. 500 years of conquest, Now renamed “Indigenous Resistance”, and Tenochtitlan was founded 700 years ago.

The symbol of the celebration is the defense of the indigenous people and the insistence of the President of Mexico. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, So that the King of Spain and Pope Francis apologize to the indigenous people, just as the state of Mexico did.


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