Pope doesn’t rule out trip to Kyiv, talks risk of protracted Cold War


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Very President of UkraineVolodimir Zelenski, like Kyiv mayor Vitaly Klitschko, has asked the pope to travel to the capital to convey hope and a message Francisco did not close the door on this visiteven with all the difficulties: “yes, it’s on the desktop”.

This is how Francis responded to reporters who asked him on the plane for a two-day visit to Malta, just as he did not rule out a visit to the multi-million border Ukraine before Polish President Andrzej Duda last Friday. People flee the war caused by the Russian invasion.

as expected, The war completely slipped into this trip of the PopeOriginally scheduled for 2020, it had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

For this reason, Francis said in his first speech to the authorities after arriving on the European island: “We consider the invasions of other countries, the brutal fighting in the streets and the atomic threat as dark memories of the distant past”.

Speaking of Putin?

Francisco did not cite Russia or its President Vladimir Putin in his appeal, lest he directly condemn the aggressor and maintain a position that would allow negotiations or mediation, according to analysts, and this Saturday, although not mentioned, he issued “Some powerful people, sadly caught up in the anachronistic pretensions of nationalist interests, provoke and incite conflict”.

In his speech at the Palazzo Grand Master, Francis recalled one of the fathers of the Italian constitution, the mayor of Florence, Giorgio La Pira, who 60 years ago referred to the responsibility of the then Mediterranean region. “Conflict of interests and ideology” Shocked humanity for being “incredibly naive”.

“Unfortunately, it did not go away” and “it reemerged arrogantly in the lure of autocracy, in neo-imperialism, in the inability to build bridges and general aggression from the poorest.”

long cold war

The pope also warned that the conflict in Ukraine had the potential to become “a prolonged cold war that could stifle the lives of people and entire generations”.

but also, Criticism of the war “has fueled the fire for a long time”“has been prepared for a long time for massive investment and the arms trade,” he believes.

“The zeal for peace that emerged after World War II has waned in recent decades, as has the path of the international community, where a few powerful people continue to find spaces and areas of influence on their own,” lamented.

He suggested reorganizing “an international peace conference with disarmament as its central theme, with an eye toward future generations.”

‘Shared European Responsibility’ in Migration

From the heart of the Mediterranean, Francis wanted to address one of the issues that drove him to visit the island: Immigrants from Africa Migrants rescued by NGO boats are not welcome in a country that is staunchly against immigration.

He recalled that, according to Phoenician etymology, Malta meant “safe harbor”, but “fear and insecurity have created frustration and dismay in the country in the face of the increasing influx in recent years”.

A boat from the German NGO Sea-Eye carrying 106 rescued migrants has reported that Maltese authorities have yet to respond by taking them to a safe port.

The Pope emphasized, ‘Migration is not the current situation’ To that end, he called for a “broad and shared response” who could not stand the problem of “only some countries and others indifferent”, citing the example of refugees arriving from Ukraine after the invasion of Russia.

But he also criticized “civilized nations that can sanction illegitimate agreements with criminals who enslave their people in their own interests,” alluding to agreements with Libya that countries such as Malta and Italy have signed to allow migrants to return to the country.

“The Mediterranean needs Shared European Responsibilityonce again a scene of solidarity rather than an outpost of a tragic wreck of civilization,” said Francis, who will end the trip tomorrow with a visit to an immigration center.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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