Ponytail, bun, braided headband – the simple and comfortable hairstyles to work with


The irreversible return to routine is here, and it is the exact moment when we have to get used to certain habits that we thought we had forgotten, such as combing our hair every day. See what is hairstyles simple and convenient to work.

And it is that we sometimes have the obligation to vary between the options we choose. So when we take advantage of the opportunity, we want to stop at some simple hairstyles for return to the office which we believe can be of tremendous help in these situations, as you will be able to resolve them in minutes and always keep yourself ready for meetings and events.

All simple and comfortable hairstyles for the office

Semi-polished ponytail

The so-called semi-polished ponytail is a perfect style for work environments, as it is not only elegant but also very professional, which gives the idea that this woman really knows what she is doing and that she can handle all the unforeseen and she dominates. its hair.

Preparing it is quite simple, as you only need to make a little volume on top of the head, form the ponytail or the low ponytail and, if you want, wave the ends.

Braided headband

Every now and then you will want to go for something more aesthetically pleasing, and if you leave a thin headband off braid French, and make minimal waves at the ends, you get a clean, clear face, which avoids annoying and unnecessary interruptions, for example in moments of tension.

Wavy tips

Waves, or waves, are excellent allies when you want to get some volume and give it the image of little worry, without requiring too much effort in the morning.

You have the option of just curling the ends or combing some nice waves to the bottom of the hairor, and it talks about the versatility of a hairstyle that suits all circumstances.

Bow with accessories

Accessories, such as a bow, are an almost immediate way out of trouble to be well-groomed when you are in a hurry. The elaboration level of the hairstyle also depends on you.

You can polish with intertwined knots, always with accessories.

Ponytail on the side

The ponytail on the side is one of those trends that never goes out of fashion, and you just have to comb the ponytail to the side, attach it with a clip and if you prefer, you can add a few rings to focus on them all the way. Attention.

Which of these simple back-to-the-office hairstyles is your favorite?

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