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Rome (EFE) the first woman to come to power in the country.

About 51 million Italians are called to the polls to exercise their right until 11:00 p.m. (21:00 GMT), the closing time of the voting centers and the date on which the exit of the polls will be known.

These elections will be used to elect 600 parliamentarians (400 deputies and 200 senators), which represents a significant drop from the current 945 (630 and 315) adopted in a reform approved by referendum and 2.7 million young people will have the opportunity to vote. for the first time. There is also a vote in the region of Sicily (south) for the election of its president and the renewal of its Assembly.

Polls predict overwhelming success for the right

Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy (FdI) and the coalition which also includes the far-right League, led by Matteo Salvini, and the conservative Forza Italia (FI), led by Silvio Berlusconi, are the big favorites for a victory which should be overwhelming, since the polls give him nearly 20 points ahead of the progressive Democratic Party (PD) of Enrico Letta and its small centre-left allies.

The links between Salvini and Berlusconi with Vladimir Putin’s Russia, the showdown of Meloni and his partners with Europe, after having moderated their Eurosceptic discourse, or the fear that a very large majority could change the Constitution without consensus have marked an unprecedented summer campaign that failed to pique the interest of Italians, with nearly 40% abstaining and undecided.

In fact, abstainers and undecideds will play an important role in the results, which on the last day allowed by Italian law to publish polls, 15 days before the election, were around 40%, although it seems unlikely that the right does not obtain an absolute majority.

In these polls, the FdI hovered around 25% of the vote, a meteoric increase of 4% in the 2018 elections thanks to Meloni and his role as the sole opponent of the national unity government of Mario Draghi, leading his coalition to 45 %.

The PD is the second party, with 21.5%, and its coalition with other small progressive forces only reaches 27.2%, while Giuseppe Conte’s 5 Star Movement (M5S) has 15% which places it ahead of the League (12.3%) and FI (8%), and the “third pole”, formed by the centrists Acción and Italia Viva, totals 6.7%.

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