Poll: Are French people living abroad actually represented by their representatives and senators Courier of the Americas

This survey is not intended to find out whether you like the views of your representatives or not (they are completely different anyway), but to find out if you think the organization is sufficient to represent you.

For example, if they are ever elected while living abroad, the first thing MPs and senators will do is go live in Paris. Deputies are clearly obliged to be regularly in their assembly, which is obvious. For example, the National Assembly can hold up to 120 sessions a year at the Palais Bourbon. BUT their presence in prudence (abroad) is far from important and some are relatively rare there, although their travel costs are clearly taken into account. Others, on the other hand, like to travel regularly.

For their part, deputies have a precise constituency (the “North America” ​​constituency consists of, for example, the USA and Canada, represented by the (only) deputy who is elected by compatriots).

12 senators of French nationals abroad are elected by consular advisers and consular delegates. Their constituency is the “planet” (except France). So they travel … a lot. We can conclude that the “planet” is a rather wide and somewhat vague travel terrain, which is supposed to represent the citizens.

The six senators’ seats will be restored on September 26 and some candidates who may be well-elected do not live abroad at all.

And what do you think…

Do you feel well represented?

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