Polka dots are the new vichy: look in a royal key to inspire you


The government of gingham print is about to run out. Although the new collections still contain some garments that have been one of the most popular patterns in recent timesWith the imminent arrival of the turn of the season, it’s time to renew and look for alternatives. And it seems that the dot print will be a must in all closets.

Polka dots will be a trend next season / Gtres

Take a look at proposals from low-cost companies like Zara It is impossible to verify that the new season will be marked to a large extent this typical Spanish print. It is true that when we saw the border printed handkerchief Inditex’s flagship was not difficult to resist its advantages due to the sophisticated air that this print gives to the look, and since satin garments are always a success but dots are something so ours that it is impossible not to fall into temptation. Smaller, from time to time. Skirts, trousers, blouses, dresses or accessories; In the next few months, it is at least important to have a garment in polka dot print. Much better if you have this women’s air that has been so trendy in recent years and which gives a plus of sophistication.

Zara has presented ‘Dot Collection’, a limited edition which promises to revolutionize the most elegant clothes. The origin of this collection, confirmed since signing, comes from “dot as a primitive artistic gesture to imagine a careful selection of garments with a full and unpredictable touch. The exploration of new conceptual territories through a minimal color palette in black and white, which is combined with the spontaneity of these daring motifs ”. This means that the dot is the total and absolute main character in the collection, where minimalism is also translated into the chromatic fame of black and white.

Queen Letizia with a wrap dress tied at the waist in polka dot print under an audience in Madrid / Gtres

Although Zara has now presented this line, the reality is dots have never gone out of style. In all its versions, but much more in black and white because they give a style of elegance and sophistication to all styles. A trend that royal women know how to masterfully adapt to their appearance, without falling into too folkloric air. From Doña Letizia to Maxima from HollandThere are many queens and princesses who invest in clothes with dots in their official documents or in their private excursions. Discover in our gallery some of the best clothes in a royal key where it will undoubtedly be one of the season’s fetish prints.

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