Police: Walmart shooter bought gun just hours before killing – Thelocalreport.in


(NewsNation) — Authorities investigating the fatal shootings of six people at a Walmart Tuesday said that the shooter bought the gun just hours before and left a note with grievances against coworkers on his phone.

On Twitter, the City of Chesapeake said police can confirm that the suspect, Andre Bing, 31, used a 9mm handgun, which he legally purchased the morning of the shooting.

“There were several inquiries about anything recovered from the search warrant at the suspect’s house. A box of ammunition was found and various items in reference to the 9mm handgun (box, receipt, other paperwork),” the city said.

Police said Bing had no criminal record. Walmart previously said in a statement that he’s worked with the company since 2010.

The city also released a note written by the Walmart supervisor, before apparently shooting himself.

“Sorry God I’ve failed you,” the manifesto, labeled “Death note,” said. “This was not your fault but my own.”


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