Police crackdown, strikes and insults in one of Iran’s toughest days for protests


Iran spent this Saturday One of the toughest days in the demonstrations sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini, clashes occurred in more than a dozen cities.Protests are directed against Iranian President Ibrahim Raisiin the mobilization going into the fourth week.

After three days without protests – Wednesday is a holiday and Thursday and Friday are the country’s weekend – Iran’s week starts with new protests “Women, Freedom, Life” after calling Mobilization of University Centers and Activists.

in the surrounding Tehran Sharif University small group of young people woman without veil They circled street corners with signs and dozens of riot police in the area amid the police concentration.

“Support us, support us police!” a woman without a veil shouted into the lobby near the university center. riot police Attend to join protesters. These statements were collected by journalists from the EFE agency.

in a stressful environment Some people are arguing with the policewhile the first tear gas began to darken the streets.

“Death to the Islamic Republic”, “Islamic Republic, we don’t love you, we don’t love you”, a group of young people shouted in a side street of the university.other man recalls “You have no honor” to agentswhile several stores in the area had their shutters half closed. Gunfire can also be heard, but it is impossible to distinguish what type it is.

another dead

According to unverified videos shared by activists and journalists on social networks, protests have also taken place in other parts of the country, such as cities such as Shiraz, Isfahan, Gohadasht or Kerman.

impact is Especially harsh in Iranian KurdistanAmini’s origin, also in its capital, Sanandaj, had a one-day strike with closed stores.

[Las mujeres de Irán se alzan contra los mulás]

in that city driver shot deadprovincial police chief General Ali Azadi blamed the death on “Counter-revolutionary forces” and the Oslo-based NGO Hengaw, which provides services to the security forces.

In the face of strong protests, Internet service blocked, something that hasn’t happened in the last few days. Fixed internet was also throttled and its speeds dropped significantly.

Presidential speech

During this period, Raisí gave a speech dedicated to women at Tehran’s Alzahra University, in which he said Iranian students won’t let ‘enemy’s dreams come true’ Where he was booed, according to unverified video from activists.

“enemy Thought he could pursue his goals in collegeunaware that students and teachers are awake and will not let the false dreams of the enemy come true,” the president said.

On his way out, a group of students shouted at the president: “Get lost, get lost”according to some videos on social networks.

Faride Haghbin, the university’s communications officer, downplayed the shouting, saying only about 15 students had carried out the insults “inspired by some external (foreign) factor”.



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