Police audios of Alcorcón shooting: ‘You hit the patrol car’


Police audio filming of alcorcon“He slammed into the patrol car and rammed it into another, luckily we were already out of the car.” OKDIARIO agrees with the account of the police officers who were forced to shoot at the wheels of the vehicle of some Maghrebi thieves who were endangering the neighbors after fleeing in the opposite direction through the streets of the Municipality of Madrid.

This is how it is told by the police who intervened in the persecution, shooting and arrest of the two North African robbers who, on Tuesday afternoon, made a dangerous escape through the streets of the municipality of Alcorcón. The event began around 5:00 p.m. when a patrol suspected a white Mercedes occupied by two young North Africans: “We came across a mercedes white and we pass the license plate, without insurance, without ITV and without a driver’s license… we turn around and chase him, he can’t run away because he has a bus in front of him, but as soon as ‘he is arriving at gunpowder They run away.”

At that moment, the police, who had discreetly followed the suspects, waiting for a place and a time that was not very dangerous for the citizens, to order them to stop the vehicle, set off in pursuit: “We chased them, and when we arrived at Crossroads Express goes in the opposite direction, he finds a car coming from in front and crashes into him.

The persecution does not stop there, on the contrary, the thieves are ready to do anything to escape: “We get out of the car, we tell him to get out, he starts to accelerate and moves the Audi in front of him until he moves her ten meters, he suddenly knocks her down and hits her the patrolwe were already at the bottom, and our patrol car goes up to the ecological island and rams it against another car and it stays crossed so that it cannot escape”.

Despite everything, the criminals keep trying, they have already crashed into the Policeman and other drivers, and given his attitude, the officers decided to shoot at the wheels of the car at a short distance: “He is accelerating again, and there he has remained, we are coming, we are hitting him on the window, they refuse to get out and he shot the wheels then other comrades came and they shot the wheels more… finally we get him out of the car with his hands up and as he sees we policemen have our weapons in our hands (it becomes on the way), he runs, we grab him by the neck, but in the end he frees himself and runs away barefoot, but the car is in his name, inside there were lots of cell phones, tablets, laptops, everything…allegedly stolen»

The other occupant of the car, another North African, was arrested by national and local police.


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