Poland warned Von der Lein that blocking EU funding would trigger a “third world war”


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Prime Minister of Poland, Matteus Moravitski,Ensured European Commission Point the gun at his government to comply Reform requirements and the rule of law, Taking into account the hypothetical blocking retrieving capitalI will release “The Third World War”.

Brussels is already on the table Political and economic measures Put pressure on the opponent authorities polishingWho feels to be a victim “blackmail”, As said last week Moravitski First in the European Parliament, then during the meeting of heads of state and government.

The community executive has not given the green light to the corresponding restoration funds Poland -36,000 million euros-, it is also possible to lose more funds from the block. If Brussels consumes its threat And without funds, “We will defend our rights with all the weapons we have,” Morawiecki said in an interview published on Monday. Financial Times.

“We will get this money sooner or later,” he emphasized, noting that it was European Commission Whoever violated the rule of law does not support the plan submitted by Warsaw in May. “We will not give up, we will not give up our sovereignty because of this pressure,” he added.

The Morawiecki government has threatened to disrupt other negotiations such as the climate package. He believes that Poland has become a victim of “discriminatory” treatment, although he considered bilateral contacts with various parties outside the Security Council on Thursday and Friday. . leader.

For Morawiecki, the “smartest thing” is Committee European Concessions, such as the withdrawal of a fine request issued by Brussels in September, will speed up the withdrawal of the disciplinary system imposed on Polish judges.

“Fortunately, this is a political process. The political process can be blocked by politicians,” said Morawiecki, who once again argued that Poland is “in the process of eliminating” the controversial disciplinary system and “finalizing” the details of the new law. And “gather the majority” to support it. His plan is to complete these changes this year.

There will be no “Polexit”

Morawiecki also used the opportunity of the interview to insist that “there is no risk Polexit“As Poland was baptized with the hypothetical withdrawal from the European Union, fear was again aroused after the Constitutional Court’s recent ruling challenged the ruling that Community law is superior to domestic law.

In this sense, he emphasized that “88% of Poles want to stay in the European Union” and half of them will be voters of the ultra-conservative ruling party, the Freedom and Justice Party (PiS). “We absolutely believe that Poland wants to stay,” he said.

The opposition led by Donald Tusk, the former president of the European Council, accused the government of opposing the EU and putting the country’s continuity in the EU at risk. For the executive branch, this vision is only election goals.


At the press conference Eric Mamo, The spokesperson of the community chairperson, Ursula Feng Ethics read, Avoid confronting Morawiecki directly and only point out European Union Is a cause Peace Between member states for 60 years.

In response to the controversial remarks of the Polish leader, Mamo said: “This does not make people think of wars between member states or between member states and institutions. These wars are common and shared.”


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